Tis the Season of Giving

As we revel in the joy and wonder of the holiday season that is upon us, many of us often look outside our immediate world to consider the challenges that our neighbors throughout Northern Virginia may face. There are [...]

Stone’s Cove is Making It Good

No matter how much you prepare for a party, your guests will always congregate in the kitchen. Some hosts get annoyed, but restaurateur B.J. Stone embraced the custom when he developed Stone’s Cove KitBar. Stone’s Cove, located in the [...]

8 Deadly Sins of Style

An excerpt from the Business of Style, the Secret to Investing in Yourself 1. Maybe it looked good on you fifteen years ago. That doesn’t mean it still does. 2. Jackets that are tight in the shoulders, hug your [...]

House Check

There was a time in Griffin House’s life when it looked like he would be earning paychecks on the links, but following a Troy Bolton-esque storyline (ask your kids about “High School Musical” if you don’t get the reference), [...]

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