Ask an Advisor About Charitable Giving

The end of the year sparks many of us to give to charitable causes. What if we were more purposeful with our giving strategy? As part of year-end tax planning a financial planner can walk you through different strategies [...]

What Can a Financial Advisor Do for Me?

Important questions to ask when choosing the right person to help plan your financial future Let’s be honest: keeping up with the current state of financial markets and navigating the ins and outs of investing is daunting. Who has the [...]

Ask an Advisor: About New Year’s Resolutions

What are the Most Important Financial Resolutions I Should Have for 2022? Everyone has different priorities but here are the top four I recommend:  1. Protect Your Estate  Review and update your estate documents. The primary purpose of a will [...]

Top Financial Advisors

Find a Financial advisor with deep understanding of the markets, analytical skills and training, and have a passion for finance located in Tysons. Daniel P. Lash CFP®, AIF® Partner, Financial Advisor Dan is a partner at VLP Financial Advisors [...]

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