Hero Dogs

Service dogs for our veterans and first responders with disabilities. The Washington DC region is home to thousands of returning veterans with special needs, and only a few options for service dogs through national-level service programs. That’s why Hero [...]

Canine Codependency

When I was younger, we believed that the first sign of mental illness was when  people began dressing up their pets. And if this standard still holds true today, then our entire nation is certifiably nuts!  Nobody can deny [...]

Pets and the Risk of COVID-19

Although the Centers for disease control hasn’t identified the exact source of the current outbreak of COVID-19, we know that it originally came from an animal, most likely a bat. As a result, many people have wondered if they [...]

Pandemic Puppy Pandemonium

An insider’s look at what’s happening in veterinary hospitals throughout NOVA and the whole country.  You may or may not have noticed, but there has been a huge growth in the population – of puppies!  Congratulations if you are [...]

Life with Cats

One of the first questions I get when people find out I’m a veterinarian is “are you a cat person or a dog person?” This is a difficult question to answer as it probably depends on the particular cat [...]

Should I be worried about Toxoplasma?

Dear Doctor Christmas: I’ve read a lot about Toxoplasma in the news lately. Should I be worried? –Bobbie Mass, Oakton, VA I’ve also seen some news articles zipping around the web concerning Toxoplasmosis. A recent study appears to show [...]

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