The Down Syndrome Trailblazers

A World Down Syndrome Day Exclusive By Eugene Tossany, Author of The Down Syndrome Superhero series Our society has come a long way since the 1950’s, when Down Syndrome (DS) individuals were categorized as non-functioning mongoloids and locked up in institutions. In retrospect, the children who were brought up in an often-cold environment are today’s adults […]

The Buying Power of Women: How Women Shape the Economy and Business World

Women today account for or influence 70-80 percent of all buying decisions. The ‘female economy’ was estimated by Forbes in 2017 to be worth $18 trillion, and continues to grow. These statistics reveal the crucial role women play in keeping the economy afloat—in good times and in bad. As a result, many businesses have taken […]

Learn Communication Techniques for a Relationship That Thrives

Are Communication Problems Alienating You & Your Partner? Learn This Technique for a Relationship That Thrives Couples split up for numerous different reasons, ranging from lack of common interests and significant life changes to money issues, cheating, and sex. But one of the top reasons couples don’t survive that’s commonly cited by therapists is communication […]

Solo Sports for Introverted and Shy Kids

Here’s Where Their Abilities Shine Through There’s no doubt; team sports offer kids an array of benefits. Team sports provide opportunities for kids to develop friendships, work as a team, problem-solve, learn good sportsmanship, and much more. But team sports aren’t for everyone. Many kids, particularly those who are introverted or shy, struggle with or […]

A Day Just for Mom: Mother’s Day Celebrations and Gifts She’ll Treasure

The role of mothers in shaping their daughters’ and sons’ lives is unsurpassed. Mothers teach us to love, be strong, be confident, persist, live life to its fullest, and be the best we can be. “I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”  —Mitch […]

Little Luxuries & Everyday Delights

Curio by Fifth & Main highlights life’s little joys Life can take you on some interesting journeys. However, in Heather Shaw Menis’ case, all roads seem to lead back to one passion. With a bent towards environmentalism, Menis attended college to explore environmental studies and journalism. Graduating in 2001, her first job was in public […]

Ride and Shine Bicycling: Trailblazing Women

For reasons unknown, I became strangely captivated by the Tour de France one summer years ago while flipping TV channels. This international cycling battle of endurance, agony and exhilaration became an annual obsession for me that began to impress itself into me and left me wanting more.  But spectating 21 stages of the world’s most […]

The Journey to the Title: Meet JeanAnne Roberts, Mrs. DC America

JeanAnne Roberts isn’t the typical contestant that comes to mind when you mention beauty pageants. For one thing, she’s not 25. For another, she has a husband and two adorable children. At age 55, she is the reigning Mrs. DC America. JeanAnne’s Journey How did your journey begin? Because of my love of dance and […]