In the field of Medicine in recognition of her role as Specialist in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Orthopedics at Sunrise Orthodontics Facial & Airway Development Center. Dedicated to providing her patients, with gold standard quality orthodontic services; Sunrise Orthodontics Facial & Airway Development Center, specializes in providing exceptional dental sleep medicine, craniofacial orthopedics, orthodontic and orofacial […]

Back to school prep is in full swing for the whole family. Your little ones have the latest wardrobe and a new backpack full of school supplies. You’ve done everything to help them succeed in class, but what about their oral health? According to the American Dental Association, a dental check-up should be a regular […]

WellMedica would like to introduce the latest tech-nology in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. It is called Viveve—and it is a clinically proven treatment that is revolutionizing feminine wellness as we know it. Currently it is used in 52 different countries around the world and has benefited thousands of women improving their health and quality of life. […]

Robotic spinal surgery offers accuracy, efficiency and faster healing times. Does your back ache? If so, you’re not alone. The American Chiropractic Association reports that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Most of the reported back pain is caused by mechanical problems like sprained ligaments, […]

Equine-assisted activities aren’t new, but there are new ways they are being used to help individuals and families with memory and psychological issues like dementia. This story tells the journey of one family as they discover the simple joys of horseback riding again. Susan Noble’s Story Susan Noble was in her late 60s when her […]

Summer is just around the corner! The time for family vacations, swimming, camping, and firefly catching! When there is so much fun to be had, it is common for kids to earn a few bumps or bruises along the way. Sometimes these traumas can happen to the mouth and teeth. Here are a few techniques [...]

Orthodontics and Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics What is cleft lip and cleft palate? Cleft lip and cleft palate is a facial malformations in which with sides of the face and skull that form the upper lip and mouth remain separated, instead of ‘stitching’ together in very early gestational development. These splits can also occur in […]

Be the solution for teens in crises Teens are under enormous pressure to succeed both academically and socially. Social media also heightens feelings of inadequacy by making everything and everyone seem perfect, and trying to live up to these high standards can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Once a person feels overwhelmed […]