8 Deadly Sins of Style

8 Deadly Sins of Style

An excerpt from the Business of Style, the Secret to Investing in Yourself

1. Maybe it looked good on you fifteen years ago. That doesn’t mean it still does.

2. Jackets that are tight in the shoulders, hug your waist and are difficult to button make you appear ridiculous.

3. Always wear socks, unless you’re at the beach.

4. Unless there’s a flood coming, don’t have your pants tailored too short. They should have a break.

5. Pants that are too baggy look absurd and pants that are too tight look awkward and uncomfortable.

6. Belts are to hold up your pants not to be some sort of modern day tool belt. Put your cell phone in your pocket.

7. Don’t let your shirt be too tight in the collar.

8. If you have to ask if it matches, then it probably doesn’t.

David EiseleWith decades of experience helping men look their very best, David is a recognized authority on designer clothing for men and personal image design.  As a clothing designer, entrepreneur, wardrobe consultant, and author, David pursues the highest level of excellence in everything he does.

David holds a degree from the Trend School of Design in Oregon and has been confirmed as a certified master designer by the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA), the oldest fashion trade organization in America.

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