While there’s no crystal ball in real estate, there are some factors that can influence if the time is right to buy or sell a home.  People move based on a change in household size, different schools or to be closer in.  Consider buying or selling when the time is right for you, your family […]

The Winter Months May Be Ideal to Sell Your Home

Everyone knows that the spring market is hot for selling or buying a home. But did you know that the winter months may actually be better for selling? Less Competition In the spring, a lot of inventory hits the market, and that means your listing is just one of perhaps hundreds from which buyers can […]

When Buying Makes More Sense Than Renting

Surveys of renters show that the desire to own a home remains strong even after the housing crisis. In fact, 75 percent of Americans say they want to own a home and 80 percent of millennials aspire to homeownership1. The good news is that current financial incentives to own a home are aligned with consumer […]

Reston is one of those places where people buy a home and then live in it for 50 years. While many houses on the market in Reston have been renovated, at least in the last 15 years, chances are you’ll fall in love with a home that needs some work. Since fixer uppers tend to […]