Meet Up for Wine

Clubby ways to enjoy wine and build friendships through Meetup events. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who enjoy tasting and drinking wine. And that is evident in the many wine-based Meetups in our area. For [...]

The Colors of Wine

Are you expert enough to tell a wine by its color? One of the more complex elements to wine is it color, which can range from almost clear to a deep, rich red. Wine experts use terminology to describe [...]

Climate Change and the Wine Industry

Will climate change make a difference? Climate change is a top of mind topic with many, and for none so much as those involved in the wine industry. Raising delicate grapevines requires ideal conditions to produce the highest-quality wines, [...]

Hero Dogs

Service dogs for our veterans and first responders with disabilities. The Washington DC region is home to thousands of returning veterans with special needs, and only a few options for service dogs through national-level service programs. That’s why Hero [...]

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