Let’s Go to the Movies

Elevate your movie-going experience at Tysons’ ShowPlace ICON theatre. The recent pandemic really took a bite out of area movie theatre attendance. Especially for the ShowPlace ICON Theatre & Kitchen at The Boro, which had the unfortunate luck to [...]

Pairing Wine with Cheese

As indicated by the crowds at our area wineries any weekend afternoon, wine tasting is a popular pastime. Many wineries offer charcuterie boards and cheeseboards for purchase, and groups will often bring their own. If you’re looking to enjoy [...]

Meet Up for Wine

Clubby ways to enjoy wine and build friendships through Meetup events. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who enjoy tasting and drinking wine. And that is evident in the many wine-based Meetups in our area. For [...]

The Colors of Wine

Are you expert enough to tell a wine by its color? One of the more complex elements to wine is it color, which can range from almost clear to a deep, rich red. Wine experts use terminology to describe [...]

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