Ask An Expert: So Many Myths About Your Skin

Ask An Expert: So Many Myths About Your Skin

Skin Care Products

A myth that involves a client unfortunately parting with too much of their money at Department stores is that the very expensive skin care creams and cleansers are better for the health of your skin than similar products that are much cheaper. It is recommended to buy a Retin  A product, Vitamin C Serum and eye crèmes from a doctor’s office. All other products can be purchased in a drug store. Most of the truly active components in anti- aging skin care products are the same, no matter where you buy them or how much money you spend on them.

Anti-aging Claims

One of the major myths about wrinkles is that anti-aging skin care products are able to erase your wrinkles. Unfortunately, there is no topical cream wrinkle eraser out there that can take age lines away. Most wrinkle creams are designed instead to plump up your skin by adding moisture.  To see major results Laser Treatments, Needling , Peels and/or Injections are suggested.

Tanning Booth Myths

Unfortunately there are myths still out there regarding tanning booths. While most people are aware at this point that tanning booths aren’t completely and entirely safe, some people still believe that booths are safe as long as they don’t have UVB rays. No matter what kind of tanning bed you are in, it will expose skin to UVA rays, which go even further into your skin and can cause damage.

Why Use Sunscreen

The SPF level advertised on sunscreen lets you know the protection level from UVB rays which cause surface skin sunburn. Unfortunately many sunscreens do not protect people from the other damaging kinds of rays, the UVA and the UVC rays, which go deep into the skin and can cause damage. So don’t focus on just a high number for your sunscreen, you also want to find one that provides protection against the other rays as well. Many  people seem to believe that if they can’t feel the strength of the sun or it isn’t sunny outside that they are clear from the effects of skin damage. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is actually one of the most widespread myths about needing sun protection. Everyone needs to apply sunscreen every single day, no matter what the weather may be.


Some people have long believed a myth that it is good for you to pop blemishes, and that getting the pus or bacteria out of your skin is good for you. While it may feel good, it actually causes the area to become even more inflamed and bacteria often get in and infect the area. This can also leave a scar on the surface of your skin. Bacteria travels underneath the skin which in many cases a person can  get another one shortly thereafter right next to where the first one was.

Scrubbing Eliminates Acne

Some believe that if you scrub your face enough with soap you are going to eliminate the possibility for acne and will keep your face looking healthy and young. Unfortunately, your skin needs the naturally produced oils on the face which protect your skin. If you scrub too much, you remove all of the oils and can cause rashes and further damage to your skin. So wash gently, and also use a cleanser and a moisturizer instead of a harsh soap.

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