In case you haven’t noticed, there are a few exceptional teens who are taking the world of entertainment—and the internet—by storm.  One of them is a 14-year old, hometown Reston girl, Sissy Sheridan.  Not content to just work on further expanding her impressive resume of stage and screen credits, Sissy is also cultivating an active […]

Former Olympic Ice Skater Michael Weiss On January 5, 2018, local resident and former Olympic skater Michael Weiss, 41, was elected to the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame, accepting his award in a ceremony at the 2018 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in San Jose, California, surrounded by friends and family. “When I was […]

Master Chef Rich Rosendale delights local residents with his internationally-acclaimed culinary talents. We are lucky enough to have in our midst renowned Master Chef Richard “Rich” Rosendale. As proprietor of Leesburg restaurant Roots 657, Chef Rich is bringing his culinary skills home. One of America’s most award-winning chefs—and one of only 70 Certified Master Chefs […]

Animal Communication Counselor Holli Shan Gives Your Pets a Voice When Holli Shan first told me she was a pet communicator through her business Compassionate Animal Communication, I was intrigued. “Like a pet whisperer?” I asked. After all, the only familiarity I had with such was from the 1998 movie “The Horse Whisperer” with Robert […]

And why we admire them so much Moms do everything for us. Their children are the reason they smile during nine not-too-comfortable months, and why they still smile after a painful delivery. Even for those moms who may not have gotten pregnant in their bodies, they did in their hearts, and their children were delivered […]

Robert Gouldie

“It was the job that brought me here, but it’s the sense of community that kept me here” Originally from Massachusetts, Robert Goudie moved to Reston from New York City in 1998 for job purposes. Being a general counsel for an international high tech company based in Europe, he purchased a townhouse at the West […]

Margaret Louise Boyd

Reston Founder Robert E. Simon, Jr. admired Margaret Boyd, long-time Reston resident, diversity ambassador, youth counselor, indomitable volunteer and decorated, 53-year elementary and middle school teacher.  Simon would often visit her classroom because she was a poster child for the importance of education. She was the personification of everything that Simon devoted his long life […]

Dr. Neda Kalantar helps children with cleft palate finding a new life I have visited the office of Dr. Neda Kalantar at the Isaac Newton Square in Reston many times, and I have always been touched by the before and after photos of children for whom she has repaired cleft lips and cleft palates. Dr. Neda […]