A current Febreze campaign states “You’ve gone nose blind” to things like pet odors in your car or smells in your home. Scientifically, they’re correct. When you enter a new environment, you quickly notice the distinct odors, whether they are of smelly gym shoes, cigarette smoke, or cinnamon-scented air freshener. However, once you’ve been in […]

Closet Makeover Tips

If you vowed to get more organized in the new year, reconfiguring your closets can go a long way toward achieving your goal. Installing a system where everything has a place and things are easy to take out—and put back—makes staying organized effortless. Lots of companies offer solutions to help you create a more functional […]

10 Popular Home Remodeling Trends

Trends can be a tricky thing. Is something a trend because a manufacturer decides to unveil it as a new product? Is something a trend if you see a photo of it in a magazine? One expert might say a certain style has had its day while another says it’s what everyone will be asking […]

Home and Design Showcase
Choosing the right contractor or design firm to make improvements to your home can be messy. Narrow your scope and start with a list of the best. Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. Revitalize Your Home...Enhance Your Lifestyle Foster Remodeling Solutions is an award winning design-build remodeling contractor with over 30 years of experience in Northern Virginia. [...]
This Spring... Plant and Nurture Native Plants
Exotic plants may be beautiful, but in a delicate ecosystem with ongoing construction projects, Northern Virginia’s native wildlife is in serious danger. To have a healthy ecosystem, an abundance of plant and grass varieties must first be available before any insect or animal species will inhabit an area for a healthy ecosystem. Exotic plant species [...]

Saturday, October 15 from 10am– 5pm “Embracing Change” The idea for a Reston home tour was born in 2000 as an imaginative, educational and entertaining way to raise revenue for the Reston Historic Trust (RHT) – a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to sustain the Reston Museum and Shop in Lake Anne Village. The first […]