Closet Makeover Tips

If you vowed to get more organized in the new year, reconfiguring your closets can go a long way toward achieving your goal. Installing a system where everything has a place and things are easy to take out—and put back—makes staying organized effortless. Lots of companies offer solutions to help you create a more functional […]

10 Popular Home Remodeling Trends

Trends can be a tricky thing. Is something a trend because a manufacturer decides to unveil it as a new product? Is something a trend if you see a photo of it in a magazine? One expert might say a certain style has had its day while another says it’s what everyone will be asking […]

Home and Design Showcase
Choosing the right contractor or design firm to make improvements to your home can be messy. Narrow your scope and start with a list of the best. Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. Revitalize Your Home...Enhance Your Lifestyle Foster Remodeling Solutions is an award winning design-build remodeling contractor with over 30 years of experience in Northern Virginia. [...]
This Spring... Plant and Nurture Native Plants
Exotic plants may be beautiful, but in a delicate ecosystem with ongoing construction projects, Northern Virginia’s native wildlife is in serious danger. To have a healthy ecosystem, an abundance of plant and grass varieties must first be available before any insect or animal species will inhabit an area for a healthy ecosystem. Exotic plant species [...]

Saturday, October 15 from 10am– 5pm “Embracing Change” The idea for a Reston home tour was born in 2000 as an imaginative, educational and entertaining way to raise revenue for the Reston Historic Trust (RHT) – a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to sustain the Reston Museum and Shop in Lake Anne Village. The first […]

Yes, it is a big deal. Kitchen cabinets are the highest ticketed item on the kitchen remodeling project, coming in at approximately 29 percent* of the kitchen remodeling project on average.  So if you are shopping for kitchen cabinets and you don’t know where to start, here is some important info you should know when […]

Imagine having a service provider in your home that not only had an eye for beautiful touches and attention to every last detail, but also focused on sourcing local materials and was located near your neighborhood—in fact, specialized in a Northern Virginia client base because its owner spent his lifetime here. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? […]