The New Generation CoolSculpting Elite

The New Generation CoolSculpting Elite

The launch of the NEW Generation CoolSculpting Elite is here, what does this mean for the consumer?

The NEW CoolSculpting Elite is tai-lor-made to deliver Allergan’s best tech-nology in a model that most people will appreciate. Allergan’s planning and engi-neering to develop this new model was to be at the forefront of the noninvasive body contouring world. This technology was completed far in advance. In the ev-er-changing aesthetic world, everyone is looking for great results without the risk of having surgery done or any downtime by staying at home for weeks after a pro-cedure. The CoolSculpting Team recog-nized the need to reinvent their device to the best technology on the market to date.

The company was successful in introducing the NEW CoolSculpting Elite, better engineered, 100% of people are getting faster and greater results then ever seen before. With two applicators on each machine, freezing more fat in less time is possible. The new rede-signed applicators have better contact, a better grip without pain on the body. Even the device itself is quieter for a more relaxing treatment.

In many cases, only one treatment per area is needed. With the new CoolSculpt-ing Elite, people may see results as early as three weeks. However, to see full results, it may take a few months. The new CoolSculpting Elite applicators cov-er up to 18% more surface skin than the original CoolSculpting and you can treat virtually every area on the body. It is safe and cleared by the FDA.

Astoria Laser Clinic & Med Spa mod-els itself after companies like Allergan to always house the newest generation machines and is proud to be a partner in the NEW CoolSculpting Elite endeavor. To build muscles without a rigorous workout regime, Allergan is also the developer of the more recent CooTone device. For any information about these treatment options or other procedures, a free consultation is recommended. A technician can be reached by calling the Astoria Laser Clinic’s office in Vienna, Virginia directly.

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