Ask an Advisor: Financial Resolutions for the New Year

New Year, New Financial Goals!  As we close out the holiday season, many of us look at the New Year as a fresh start and work on a list of resolutions and goals. Why not add some financial ones to that list?   As many of us know from personal experience, creating these goals are […]

Ask an Advisor About Charitable Giving

The end of the year sparks many of us to give to charitable causes. What if we were more purposeful with our giving strategy? As part of year-end tax planning a financial planner can walk you through different strategies that would help maximize your impact and reduce your tax liability.  Will gifting money reduce my […]

Ask an Advisor About College Savings

Summer break is coming to an end and another school year is upon us. Stores are filled with back to school supplies and clothes and shoe shopping is in full swing. Social media will soon be filled with 1st day of school pictures.  What does the milestone of another school year mean to your financial […]

What Can a Financial Advisor Do for Me?

Important questions to ask when choosing the right person to help plan your financial future Let’s be honest: keeping up with the current state of financial markets and navigating the ins and outs of investing is daunting. Who has the time to figure it all out, and the confidence to make sound decisions? Yet some 54% […]

How to Weather Market Volatility Both Emotionally and Financially

“Investor decisions are the biggest determinant of success, not investment returns” With the world emerging from a global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, political uncertainties and a host of other unexpected forces, investors today are being subjected to an unwanted roller coaster ride. Today’s volatile markets are leading more people to ask, what now? How […]

Tips for Managing Your Financial Future During a Divorce

We all go into marriage hoping for the happily-ever-after ending, but often it doesn’t work out that way. The divorce process requires both spouses to make a host of difficult decisions around financial topics that may be unfamiliar, complicated and emotional – yet these decisions will help create the foundation on which each person builds […]

The Buying Power of Women: How Women Shape the Economy and Business World

Women today account for or influence 70-80 percent of all buying decisions. The ‘female economy’ was estimated by Forbes in 2017 to be worth $18 trillion, and continues to grow. These statistics reveal the crucial role women play in keeping the economy afloat—in good times and in bad. As a result, many businesses have taken […]

Ask an Advisor: About New Year’s Resolutions

What are the Most Important Financial Resolutions I Should Have for 2022? Everyone has different priorities but here are the top four I recommend:  1. Protect Your Estate  Review and update your estate documents. The primary purpose of a will is to ensure that your assets are distributed to whomever you choose, in the amount and […]