Ask An Advisor About: Investing during the COVID-19 Market downturn

We asked the advisors at local firm, VLP Financial Advisors on what investment advice that have or strategies they recommend during the recent market downturn. Don’t try to Time the Market Belle Osvath, CFP®, AIF® Your instincts might prompt you to pull your money out of the market when values fall and then re-enter when […]

When I meet someone at a party (or more likely, at one of my kid’s soccer games) and I tell them what I do, usually the first question they ask is “What do you think of the stock market?” While I do spend time helping clients with their investments, the vast majority of my time […]

As a female Financial Advisor working in an industry traditionally dominated by men I find myself in the unique position to empower women to pursue their financial goals. Many of the women I have worked with have made great progress, but industry studies point to a startling fact: when it comes to planning for our […]

I get a lot of questions from my clients about how/when they should talk to their kids about money. Every child and family is different, but I think the focus should be the same for all parents. You want to make sure your children have the foundation they need to make smart financial decisions as […]

Many women find themselves part of the generation, “sandwiched” between caring for their aging parents and young or even grown children, often providing support while holding down full-time jobs. This role can challenging, especially when it comes to finances. With the rising cost of living in the DC-metro area, trying to meet day-to-day expenses while […]

Financial wellness is a holistic approach to personal finance that is focused on you gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your money and make smart financial decisions in your everyday life. True financial wellness encompasses everything from saving enough for retirement and your children’s education to knowing you have a plan in place […]

When I started my career, I was part of a dual-income household. Three children and one debilitating back injury later, I have become the sole provider for my family. I know I am not alone, 40% of American households have a woman as the primary breadwinner.1 This shift from the traditional homemaker role has left […]

What Are the Most Important Financial Resolutions I Should Have for 2019? Everyone has different priorities but here are the top four I recommend: Prepare for the Unexpected Create an emergency savings account. The best line of defense against unexpected events is to have a liquid cash fund that can cover at least six months […]