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My Favorite Treatment: Vanquish Adipose Tissue Melting

Adipose Tissue Melting will help you achieve aesthetic improvement regardless of your lifestyle. You will not be required to exercise or alter your dietary habits. However, the treatment results give you a head start to a better looking body. Most patients feel motivated to take care of themselves better when the procedure is over.

This treatment harnesses the power of high-frequency, Selective RF energy  induces death of fat cells through apoptosis the body flushes fat cells out of the body naturally to help slim the abs, belly, love handles, and now thighs. Boasting the largest spot size in the industry, the unique contactless panel allows patients to treat a broad area at once, resulting in more even results with no lines of demarcation. Similarly to treatment of the abdomen, this covers the core from flank-to-flank and it is specially designed to treat thigh, simultaneously slims both the inner/outer thighs and saddle bags. This allows for enhanced patient outcomes and shorter treatment times.

Nuha Handoush

Licensed LME Clinician, Medical Laser Technician at Astoria Laser Clinic & Med Spa

Astoria Laser Clinic & Med Spa

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