Ask an Expert: How Does Hair Growth Scalp Micro Needling Work

Stimulate Cellular Activity in the Hair Follicle to regrow Hair by Needling the Scalp.  50% of men and 33% of women suffer from hair loss. This is a progressive disease that may affect patient’s confidence, self-esteem, job opportunities, and personal relationships. Traditional non-invasive treatments require patients to take drugs or use topical medications, such as Propecia or Minoxidil, every day for the rest of their life. More invasive treatments like Transplants require a costly and painful surgery.

Scalp Needling with infusion of a growth factor increases cellular activity to heal the dying hair follicles, resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair. This procedure activates the body’s wound healing response. The theory goes that this response could be utilized to reverse alopecia, the male pattern hair loss. After 12 weeks patients will see a change in the baseline hair count.

Patient self-assessment of hair growth found that wound healing opened an embryonic window of opportunity within, which dormant molecular pathways were awakened.

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