Where to Apply Highlighter For Glowing Skin

A makeup artist from NBC News 4 shares her tricks of the trade.

We’ve seen a massive shift in beauty trends over the last few years; thick eyeliner, bright lipstick and rouged cheeks are out while neutral lids, baby lips and glowing skin are in. According to a makeup artist from NBC News 4, the best way to achieve a natural glow is to grab a fan-style brush and create your own glow by applying powdered highlight to these key areas.

The cheekbones.

Swipe your fan brush into your favorite powdered highlight, like Killawatt from Fenty Beauty ($34), then brush onto the highest point of your cheekbones for an instant, glamorous glow.

Image Credit: Fenty Beauty Website Photo

The bridge of the nose.

It may seem like an unusual place for powdered makeup, but highlighting your nose will brighten your entire face. Using an eyeshadow brush, draw a straight, steady stroke down the bridge of your nose, then blend in a vertical motion.
3. In the inner corners of the eyes.
Instantly look more bright-eyed and awake by applying a highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes. Using a small, rounded eyeshadow brush, tap on a small amount of a shimmering highlighter, then blend with your pinky.

Image Credit: Pixabay Stock Photo, License Free

The Cupid’s bow.

Your “cupid’s bow” is the arrow-shaped valley of your lip between the two peaks of the upper lip. Using a fan brush, dust on 3-4 pats of powdered highlight after you’ve applied your lip color to draw attention to the mouth. Avoid a glossy lip color if you’re highlighting the lips; a matte stain will provide appropriate contrast to make your highlight pop.

Below the brow bones.

If your eyes are your best feature, highlighting underneath the brow bone will make them pop like never before. Use an eyeshadow brush for a controlled stroke that follows the arch of the brow to create a defined eye, or opt for a fan brush for a blended, glossy look.

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