Spray Tanning Made Simple

Spray Tanning Made Simple

It’s no secret that spray tanning is synonymous with beauty queens and fitness competitors! Having a bronze glow onstage makes you look more fit, healthy, and gorgeous! Whether you want to look bronzed all summer long, or for a special occasion, spray tanning is really for everyone!

Today’s technology in spray tanning has really improved! Tanning solution has come a long way in looking more natural and, with a skilled technician, application can be flawless! It is also FDA approved and a safer option than tanning booths. It will reduce your UV rays exposure that comes with sun tanning, slowing down the aging process. My organic tanning solution, in particular, is custom blended and I add a serum that makes the skin glow! You not only look gorgeous but your skin feels DIVINE!

There is still some confusion for many, and especially for women of color, as to why you should even consider getting a spray tan. The secret to achieving the perfect glow is to have a thorough consultation with your spray tan expert, and having the product custom blended. This will give you the desired effect of a beautiful, natural glow!

Here are some reasons why a spray tan can make all the difference for any and all skin tones on competition day, and/or for any of your special occasions:

  • Warms up skin tone for a beautiful glowing effect. Think “bronze goddess”!
  • Evens out skin tone creating the effect of smooth, flawless skin!
  • Camouflages imperfections such as stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and veins!
  • Contouring techniques enhance the muscles, accentuating your fitness level!

For the very best results, be sure to go to a trained professional who has experience with tanning for stage competition AND custom blends your solution to enhance YOUR skin tone!

I ALWAYS recommend trying out your first tan, as a trial, at least two weeks before the big day, to be sure that you love it! This is especially important if you are tanning for your wedding day or pageant!

Tanning 1-2 days prior to your actual wedding, pageant day, or special event is also highly recommended. This will allow you to shower at least once or twice before that day, reducing the risk of any tanning product rubbing onto your garments.

If you have allergies, be sure to get “patch tested”

There you have it! A custom blended airbrush spray tan will have you looking radiant and feeling confident!

Marta Bota

Beauty Editor

Marta Bota is a pro celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years experience in the fashion, TV, bridal industries. She currently works with Comcast NBC Universal and has worked with CNN, HBO, FOX News Channel to name a few! She teaches makeup lessons and teen workshops. Marta holds the title of Ms. Virginia America 2016 and is a philanthropist. Ms. Bota contributes articles on beauty routines and makeup tips throughout the seasons!


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