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Animal Communication Counselor Holli Shan Gives Your Pets a Voice

When Holli Shan first told me she was a pet communicator through her business Compassionate Animal Communication, I was intrigued. “Like a pet whisperer?” I asked. After all, the only familiarity I had with such was from the 1998 movie “The Horse Whisperer” with Robert Redford.

It turns out that intuitive animal communication is a serious business, needed by area pet owners to understand and solve pet behavioral problems or simply check in with their pets.

Thank Goodness You’re Here

Shan was called by a client whose mother-in-law had come to visit with her dogs, one of which was relieving itself in the house. “I talked to the dog and it simply didn’t know any better. It was used to roaming outside,” Shan said. “I had to explain to the dog that if we give you a reward, could you go outside?” The dog communicated, “OK, sure, I didn’t know we had to do that.”

The very next day, Shan received a call from this client who said the dog went to the door, signaled to go out, did his business, and got its treat in return. They couldn’t believe it.

“Sometimes pets don’t know what is expected, or do things out of frustration because there’s not enough time invested in them or boundaries set,” she explained. “There are even some pets that approach me and say, ‘thank goodness you’re here.’” Although mostly called to work with dogs, horses and cats, she can intuit with any species, including birds, reptiles, and even fish.

Animal Communication Training

All her life, Shan has loved animals, and following her passion, decided to create a professional career working with them. She became a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT) through the Equissage massage school in Round Hill, Virginia, and her certification as a Canine Massage Therapist (CMT).

Yearning to deepen her connection with animals, Shan took basic, then advanced, classes from instructor Janet Dobbs. To practice, she began asking her massage clients if she could communicate with their animals. Fascinated, they said “yes.” She now teaches the basic course herself.

Wanting still more, Shan was referred to Penelope Smith, the pioneer in the field of interspecies telepathic communication, from whom she took even more advanced courses. She also attended a workshop at a wildlife retreat in Driggs, Idaho.

According to Smith, “Children are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with their own and other species.” As adults, “we are socialized to use verbal language and discouraged from getting others’ thoughts and feelings directly…and are conditioned to believe that animals are generally inferior to humans.”

Telepathic Communication

Holli Shan doesn’t need to be in an animal’s presence to communicate with it. Much of her work is done using telepathic and intuitive modalities to receive images and feelings during a communication session. She consults with clients throughout the U.S., utilizing photographs, videos or Skype.

“The definition of animal communication is communication with animals on their level,” she explained. “Animals are always communicating with us telepathically, which means ‘to feel from a distance.’ I’ve honed my own senses to be open to what they are saying and serve as a mediator between an owner and their animal companion.”

“You have to be quiet and get rid of the mental chatter of the day so you can start with a clean slate, and that takes time and practice. Once you learn to go quiet, you can allow yourself to be a receptor. You listen for the ‘hello’ and sometimes it comes in words, feelings, colors or pictures—every animal has its own way of doing it. I am listening for a response.” Animal communicators use the skills of empathy, intuition and telepathy to receive information.

Of course there are skeptics, but Shan invites them to ask questions, or try her service for themselves. She has scores of amazing results. “All I ask is that they be respectful of what I do. Animals are always willing to teach us if we are willing to listen.”

Working With My Own Pet

Curious to see the process myself, I asked Shan to work remotely with my own pet Skyler, a parakeet who had become fearful of leaving his cage to fly. Not wanting to know anything but the pet’s type, name and age, and viewing a picture, she explained over the telephone how the process would work. I outlined the problem and she began by asking aloud, “Sweetie, why don’t you want to leave the cage?” Then she became quiet. She was listening for a response.

She interpreted that Skyler found the process of leaving the cage to be stressful; he wanted me to approach in a quieter and calmer state. She suggested I open the door and simply invite him to come out and fly.

What astounded me was that Shan knew exactly how I was interacting with Skyler currently, even to the point of where I stand. Throughout our session, she cited things she could never have known, and used words and phrases I only use with the bird. She was spot-on.

“It is the same intuitive sense we are all born with,” she explained. “Anyone who has ever had a bond with a parent, child or animal has that sense of knowing. As an animal communication counselor, I learned to refocus that sense and open it to animals.”

Shan still offers animal massage, and can combine communication with the therapeutic service. She also provides packages and programs for clients as well as single sessions to help with behavioral problems.

If your animal has an issue, or you simply want to touch base with your pet, let Holli’s voice do the talking.

Pet Programs

  • Peaceful Pet Program – 4-week intensive, meeting 1 hour/week to work on chronic or adjustment issues.
  • Keeping the Peace Program – Three- or five-month programs (bi-weekly 45-minute sessions) to work on mind-boggling pet behaviors or continued maintenance/support
  • Hands-On Connection – massage and communication combined
  • Single Session


Holli Shan, ESMT, CMT
Animal Communication Counselor
Compassionate Animal Communication, LLC
“A Voice For Your Pets”

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