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It’s hard to believe that we’ve turned the calendar page and started another new year.  Even harder to believe that in twelve short months we’ll close out another decade.

All across the region, big changes have been happening in formerly quiet places. And as the old year has become new again we can tell from the tower cranes that dot our skyline that 2019 is sure to bring even more change to our area.

With the second phase of the Silver Line inching closer to extending Metro service to Dulles Airport and beyond into eastern Loudon County, new developments will be breaking ground this year, guaranteeing that Reston and the surrounding communities stay relevant into the future.

To the north of the Reston Town Center Metro stop—scheduled to open in 2020—Boston Properties’ will begin work on “Reston Gateway”, a 33-acre site with new residences, shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and parkland.  Directly south of the station, Brookfield Properties has plans for it’s own mixed-use development to replace the old Reston Crescent office park. “Halley Rise”, as it will be known, brings with it Reston’s own Wegman’s grocery—a cause for celebration for our local “foodies”!

It’s a thrill to be able to look forward to great things for our region again this year. While 2018 dawned with news that Reston was named the top place to live in the state of Virginia by Money Magazine, we begin this new year with that same publication again spotlighting the gems that are our local communities.  Among Money’s new list of “The Best Places to Live in America,” you’ll find Ashburn clocking in at an impressive #2, with Hunter Mill comfortably installed in the 31st spot.

It requires no stretch of the imagination to see why: our booming economy—clearly this is the place to be for businesses!— and quality of life creates the kind of work/life balance that’s hard to beat. 

And so we begin the year in an optimistic mood, filling our pages with thoughts on renewal and the best ways to get the fresh and fast starts that can improve both the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

Whether or not you’ve made a resolution, you’ll want to read “New Year, New You” for a balanced and rational look at taking the small steps that can lead to real transformation.  No crash diets or insane workouts required!

There’s also a little something for those who have made beauty their goal.  From our “Best of Beauty” favorites—those experts and top docs that can give you an edge on looking great—to products and techniques, Med Spas and detoxes, we’ll help you move from beauty slacker to star in no time!

Not to mention stylish. “Love is in the Wear” and “All You Need is Love” help you head confidently into the romantic month of February.

With winter now on our doorstep what could be better than heading inside for something to nibble and sip—we’ve got you covered with updates on the local Poké craze and new trends at Virginia’s wineries that are bringing vintages and brews together.

And if your resolution is to quit procrastinating, maybe it’s time to start thinking about summer camps for the kids with our directory of terrific options.

So let’s all make the leap into 2019, confident that this will be the year when changes, whether small or significant, are sure to have big impact. 

Happy New Year from all of us at VivaReston!

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