Letter from the Publisher

We have always enjoyed the springtime in Reston.  Our planners must have had the season in mind when they created the master plan filled with trees, parks, walking and bike trails, and wonderful lakes to take in the spring breezes. 

Not far from us, Linda made a visit to Capon Springs, the all inclusive resort in West Virginia.  Thanks Linda, great story.

Gardening? Start planning now, and read “Gardening with a Purpose” by Ana Kreutzer which shares current gardening trends.

Our area is rich with some wonderful health and beauty professionals whose service is right around the corner. Please read Dr. Patricia Petitt’s article on Anti-Aging Medicine, Ana Kreutzer’s “Preventing Beauty Backfires” with Austin-Weston and “The Lowdown on Highlights” with Colour Bar Studios. Did you know that there are apps that can make dieting easier? Emma Blancovich has options for us.

Michelle and I were married in 1972  on Long Island. And even back then we had to plan way ahead for any of the services we needed.  Our article, “How to Choose a Wedding Planner” is a great start. 

Linda spent some time with Olympian Skater, Michael Weiss, Read about his talents, life after competitive skating, his election to the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame and giving back.   

Not far from here, in Marshall, Virginia is “Tasty Grass Farm” which was recently awarded with a Grassfed and Animal Welfare Certification.  With the explosion of consciousness with regard to sourcing, it’s a super read.

Summer is just around the corner—and we have some super camp options for the kids. 

Erin Schwartz and Joe Mariano are creating cakes to die for.  Linda talks about how the duo are creating an art form out of cake-baking. 

“Eating here is like eating with family,” says Renee Sklarew.  Her review of Our Mom Eugenia in Great Falls is going to make you hungry and give you a new destination to go to when you’re looking for something special.  Thanks, Renee.

And wait, there’s more! Read about the Music Scene by Keith Loria, Around Town with our editors, The Maple Syrup Festival, caring for your pets, Silver Line updates, “Virginia is for Lovers” by Delegate Ken Plum, Fun with Jan King, and more.

We hope you enjoy the read, and thanks for the support you give us and the great people who work tirelessly to bring us the best in goods and services in our area.  Lucky us!

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