Brain Health: Cereset Vienna Looks to Balance Your Brain

Brain Health: Cereset Vienna Looks to Balance Your Brain

The brain is the most complex part of the human body. As the central command center, the brain drives everything we humans do, think, say, sense, feel, and experience. So a brain in harmony can make life as good as it can be. 

That’s the goal behind Cereset Vienna, a new center at 404 Pine Street in Vienna, VA. Cereset uses patented BrainEcho® technology to help restore hope.

Cereset Vienna is owned by Kris Tschetter, a former LPGA golfer who still plays on The Legends Tour. Kris developed “the yips” while on tour. 

“That dreaded word that athletes don’t want to say out loud,” she laughs. Yips are a sudden loss of ability to execute certain skills in experienced athletes. She heard Cereset’s brain balancing helped release “stuck stress” and gave it a try. Two weeks later Kris played in an LPGA tournament and the yips were gone.

Tschetter found she was sleeping without medication for the first time in a decade.

“It was so much easier to quiet my mind when it was time to hit a golf shot,” Tschetter says. 

That’s why she decided to get involved with her own franchise—to give people a chance to experience something life-changing. 

“People experience Cereset, and they say things like, ‘You gave me my life back. I look forward to the day again.’ I love being able to impact people’s lives in such a significant way,” she says. 

Cereset’s patented BrainEcho® technology works to mirror the brain so it can see itself, how it’s performing and begin to make corrections. There is no outside intervention. 

Cereset was founded by Lee Gerdes, 20 years ago, after he was assaulted in San Francisco and suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD, and knew he needed help. He came up with the technology to heal himself.

Cereset is brain balancing, not neurofeedback. Cereset does not train the brain to perform a certain way. Cereset supports the brain to relax, reset and rebalance so the brain can optimize its own performance. Including functions such as thinking, mood, energy, and sleep.

“We put sensors on your head which read what’s going on in your brain at different frequencies and apply musical tones to different frequencies and it’s like holding a mirror up to your brain,” Tschetter says. 

These notes are played in a brain rhythm as it changes and thus the brain can “see” itself and “correct” itself. And it does!

The Cereset process is a series of four consecutive in-office BrainEcho ® sessions, followed by a fifth session three weeks later known as the Integration session—a package which runs approximately $1,750 with family discounts available.

“The five-session package is required to begin,” Tschetter says. “To get the brain used to the process. We don’t offer single sessions because it isn’t enough meaningful support at first.”

With the Cereset process, your brain creates new neural pathways. Neural pathways can be thought of as “roads” on which brain signals travel. Every thought, action, belief, choice, or habit is a neural pathway in the brain. 

The Cereset process continues to work even after clients leave. So when they return for that fifth session three weeks later, their brain has had the chance to reset and rebalance.

“These sessions take about an hour and a half, and you don’t have to do anything; in fact, we encourage you to get under a blanket and go to sleep,” Tschetter says. “After each day’s session, data is reviewed, and adjustments are made to support the client’s unique brain. Additional sessions are called tune-ups and may be purchased singly or in packages at discounted prices.” 

Monica Owczarzak, an Air Force veteran and now Cereset coach in Vienna, tried the Cereset method herself because she hadn’t slept well in 11 years and still struggles with effects from trauma. 

“I had all types of health issues and was absolutely trending in the wrong direction,” she says. “I was dealing with obesity, had horrible nightmares, had poor concentration, and I knew I was headed for a stroke or heart attack and would probably die before I turned 60. When I found Cereset, everything changed.” 

Cereset addresses dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is what can happen when a person experiences an event traumatically. The ANS the body’s system for self-regulation and when a stress is severe or prolonged, the regulation system can get stuck “on,” just like a button that has been pressed too many times and be in a constant state of stress, unable to relax.

For instance, one stuck in a “Fight or Flight” response will often report a chronic feeling of dis-ease or underlying tension and anxiety. They may also report great difficulty sleeping and feel their brain is constantly racing; while those stuck in a “Freeze” response will often report feeling numb or disconnected with poor sleep. When they experience stress, they tend to shut down and retreat into themselves. 

“Cereset works for people struggling with mood, dealing with sleep issues, memory issues, concussion and even symptoms of Long COVID like brain fog,” Tschetter says. “We have even helped people get back their senses of taste and smell. By allowing the brain to see itself and reset and rebalance this is supporting self-healing, which is restoring hope.”

Cereset Vienna

404 Pine St SE, Suite 206
Vienna, VA 22180


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