What 3 things helped my struggling baby breastfeed?

What 3 things helped my struggling baby breastfeed?

Feeding a baby comfortable and efficiently is the most important aspect of a newborn’s life and a precious experience for a new mom. A normal frenum is a connective band bringing two soft tissue pieces together. In some cases, if that band connects too low or tight it may result in a condition known as a Tongue-Tie or a Lip-Tie. These conditions can jeopardize the beautiful nursing relationship between a mother and her newborn. 

What 3 things helped my struggling baby breastfeed? 

1. Excellent Lactation & Feeding Support 

Excellent Lactation & Feeding Support empowers parents with information and education regarding proper latch position, frequency and quantity of feeds, oral motor assessment for any restrictions or concerns regarding infant ability to effectively feed and an overall mental health support for a post-partum mom. 

2. Skilled Frenectomy Provider 

Skilled Frenectomy Provider who is master of their domain in performing thorough and complete Waterlaser frenectomy of tethered oral tissues. They are an expert in oral motor function and assessment of all areas of the baby’s mouth – lip, tongue, buccal ties. 

3. Effective Body Work 

Effective Body Work recognizes the mouth and body connection and addresses muscle tension in the neck/shoulder/floor of the mouth and palate anatomy for effective seal, suction and stamina. 

A Collaborative Team Approach 

 They say it takes a village to raise a baby and it is true! Often difficulties have several components and having a tie-savvy, supportive team to assist the baby as a whole and address all aspects can make the biggest difference! 

How Are Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties treated today?

Thanks to the great advances in laser technology, healthcare providers that are educated on the laser’s properties and why they are highly favorable in soft tissue procedures can provide a safe and complete release of the tissue. Waterlaser helps to provide desensitization, coagulation and cooling as it separates the tissue. The laser light beam is precisely controlled for the most thorough and safe procedure. Waterlaser virtually eliminates the need for scalpel, sutures, or anesthetic in infant frenectomy cases. The newborns we treat can feed immediately after the procedure for comfort. Moms report significant differences in personal comfort, baby’s consumption, and efficiency while nursing or bottle feeding. 

Breastfeeding should be a joy!

Functional Issues

  • Shallow ineffective latch
  • Gassiness/Reflux symptoms
  • Poor weight gain
  • Maternal pain / Mastitis

Benefits of Laser

  • No anesthesia
  • No scissors or sutures
  • Baby feeds immediately after

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