Dr. Rishita Jaju of Smile Wonders annually opens the doors of her Reston-area pediatric dental practice every February to host Give Kids a Smile® Day and to provide free dental care to those in need. This is one of the ways Smile Wonders provides community service and participates in Dental Awareness Month campaign held by […]

More Than Just a Warm Up “Warm up before you begin vigorous exercise”—a standard practice almost everyone has followed for decades, and still good advice today. At One To One, and other advanced training facilities, we aim to make the “warm up” much more productive through effective “Movement Preparation.” What does Movement Prep mean and […]

Over the past decade, progressive fitness professionals have embraced the idea of “functional training.” However, our understanding and implementation of functional training continues to evolve. Initially, and still at its most basic level, functional training was seen as training that has carry over benefits to improve activities of daily life (ADLs) or sports. In other […]

Do you hear your child snoring at night with pauses, snorts or gasps? Heavy Breathing while sleeping? Very restless sleep and sleeping in unusual positions? Does your child have shortness of breath? Daytime sleepiness or behavioral problems? Bed wetting (especially if your child previously stayed dry at night)? If any of the above symptoms describe […]

Most people exercise to feel, look, and perform better, and to improve their health and fitness. Improving posture does not always make their list of objectives.  However, improving our posture can often support all of these goals, and diminishing posture can certainly hinder them. Most exercisers do not consider ways they may be able to […]

Dr. Rishita Jaju, annually opens the doors of her Reston-area Smile Wonders pediatric dental practice to serve as the home for Give Kids a Smile® Day for free dental care each February. This is one of the ways they provide community service and participate in Dental Awareness Month campaign held by the American Dental Association. […]

Free Core Training Workshop

for our VivaTysons and VivaReston Readers We have received many questions about training the “core.” Doctors want us to keep our core strong to help protect our lower back and alleviate lower back pain. Coaches want our core strong so we can be more resilient to injury and enhance our athletic performance. Gym goers train […]

woman with personal trainer

Weight loss, especially fat loss, is probably the most common reason people exercise. As a result, one of the most frequent questions personal trainers get is “what is the best type of exercise to promote fat loss?” There are common misconceptions about exercise for fat loss, and there has been new thinking about this over […]