Tysons Top Doctors and Top Dentists

Find Communicative, Compassionate Doctors  and Quality, Top-Notch Dental Care in the Community of Tysons with this cream of the crop selection of area Doctors and Dentists. Choose to follow your favorites on social media to get live updates of their practices. Dr. Dennis Faludi Aesthetic Medical Center SPECIALTIES TESTIMONIAL “Can’t say enough good things about […]

Struggling with Newborn Feeding Issues? You’re not alone

Even Doctors Need a Support System for Newborn Feeding. If you are struggling with feeding your newborn baby and feeling pressure to be a “good mom,” you’re not alone. Even professionals have these feelings, as experienced by Dr. Rishita Jaju, a board-certified pediatric laser dentist. Dr. Jaju’s Own Story “The thing that made the lasting […]

New Year Resolutions: Why They Fail and  How You Can Succeed

The New Year is a great time to take inventory, set goals, and take charge of your life. But if you’re like most, making resolutions is much easier than keeping them. Rather than focus on the idea of a new beginning, which can lead to disappointment at the first slip, keep in mind that self-improvement […]

Tips to Prepare for Baby’s Lip and Tongue Tie Evaluation

4 Quick Steps to Prepare for Your Baby’s Lip and Tongue Tie Evaluation Maybe you are struggling with feeding your newborn baby, and a fellow parent, Facebook friend, or Pediatrician has told you about a lip or tongue tie that might be at the root of your troubles. Now what? It can be an overwhelming […]

A Winter Frolic for the Family: Blizzard Blast and Cold Weather Fun

If your kids are like most, school snow closings are the highlight of the winter season. Get into the spirit with some of these fun outdoor activities. After you’ve expended your energy outdoors, there’s plenty of fun to be had indoors as well. Outdoor Winter Frolic Take a snowshoe hike Buy or borrow snowshoes for […]

The Dental Connection for January-Febraury 2021

Top-Rated Area Dental Professionals All of us who live and work in Northern Virginia are extremely fortunate to have top dental practitioners who have chosen this area to deliver their quality services. Whether you are looking for a dentist specializing in smile makeovers, dental implants, or oral & maxillofacial surgery, you can trust the individuals […]

Forget the Anti-Aging Products

Affordable Cosmetics to Protect and Highlight Your Natural Beauty as You Mature When you have a tried-and-true beauty routine, it’s easy to fall into the habit of relying on your usual methods. As you get older, the cosmetics you use and the routine you follow to take care of yourself and your signature look may […]

My Drug Addiction and How to Kick the Tobacco Habit

I woke up this morning and felt the agonizing withdrawal symptoms washing over me. It’s a persistent anxiousness that doesn’t cease until I get my fix. I slipped on my robe and slippers, poured a cup of coffee, and frantically headed to the garage, where I try to keep the substance from my family. As […]