Hair Care Routines for All Ages

Our bodies don’t stop changing after puberty: They’re constantly evolving and adapting to age. While there are plenty of advantages to growing older, some of the physical signs are a little less welcome. Our hair in particular is often a source of pride and confidence, but can show the most signs of age. We’ve compiled some tips to ensure that your hair is being taken care of at every step in life.


While your twenties are for experimenting with color and style, there are still ways to take care of your hair to ensure that it will be healthy in the future. Exercise and sun exposure are often a huge part of a young woman’s life, but can both have surprising impacts on your hair’s health. Avoid long-term damage by taking some preventative measures.

A tight ponytail can rip your roots out and damage follicles, yet sixty percent of women say they use a hair tie daily. Try swapping your hair elastic for scrunchies or elastic cloth hair ties to protect your strands from damage.

Make sure to also engage in proper measures to protect your hair from sun damage if you’re going to be outside for a long time. Invest in some scalp and hairspray-esque hair sunscreens to avoid exposure to damaging, and cancer-causing UV rays.


Often by our thirties, our beauty needs have drastically changed from those in our twenties. With rapidly changing life plans and damage from years of experimental hair care, thirty year old women should start buckling down to get serious about long-term beauty.

Cutting down on the number of times that you wash your hair every week can keep overshowering from stripping your hair of its moisture and damaging your roots. In fact, most people only need to shampoo twice a week, but only a third of women follow these guidelines. Try substituting a dry shampoo every now and then to prevent overworking your hair.

Another way to avoid brittle hair is to improve your diet. Your hair reflects what you eat, and foods rich in biotin and omega-3 fatty acids can bolster your cells and strengthen your hair while giving it added shine. Try introducing more nuts, seeds, eggs and dark green veggies into your diet to achieve radiant locks.


As we reach our forties, our bodies start to change quite a bit. Most women struggle with brittle, greying hair as their follicles lose pigment. While there is beauty in proudly showing off your age, there are also ways to roll back the clock if you wish.

If you choose to color your hair, make sure you’re getting the right dye. Many hair dyes don’t offer full grey coverage, and have a limited range of colors. Use one that’s custom made for you to feel confident in your color and own your unique beauty.

Also, avoid using too much heat on your hair. Overly hot styling tools can singe your hair and damage the shafts, leading to frizzy, broken hair. Take a day or two off to let your hair’s natural oils replenish and protect each strand. When you do use heat in a straightener or curling iron, don’t set it too high. For finer hair, use a lower setting, and for thicker hair, a higher setting, but never use a 400 degree tool.

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