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At 218,000 miles the time had arrived when it made more economic sense to get another vehicle than to spend the several thousands of dollars necessary to repair the air conditioning on our 2007 Prius. It was the second such car we had owned having retired another one with about the same mileage. We were […]

Too many people are beset by horrible diseases through no discernable reason on their part that alter or shorten their lives. For those who beat the attack on their bodies there are many reasons to rejoice at having won the fight. For those who do not make it to the average age of a lifespan […]

I grew up in a rural part of Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. The unpaved road going by our house was called “Crooked Run” after the name of the creek that ran parallel to the road. The creek took big bites out of the road when it rained hard, but a few truck loads of […]

An exciting and vibrant community of newcomers is occupying ever-increasing in height apartments, condos and lofts as Reston literally grows up to accommodate the appeal it has for new arrivals of businesses, organizations and individuals. Reston’s boundaries as a planned unit development community are clear even without a designation as a county, city or town. […]

Growing up in rural Virginia in a family of modest means I learned early that if I or my family needed something our alternatives were doing without, finding a way to make it on our own, and in rare instances coming up with the money to buy it. While some may have viewed our circumstances […]

Some find it amusing that I begin many if not most of my talks about issues facing Virginians today by harkening back to the Commonwealth’s long history or by quoting Virginia leaders of by-gone days with Thomas Jefferson being my favorite. We can certainly learn from the past, and most assuredly we do not want […]

With the passing of the unusual heat of summer this year, the infamous humidity of the Washington, D.C. region, and more torrential and flooding rains than I can remember comes the time when it is fun to go outside and enjoy the unique festivals and fairs of our region before we hibernate for the winter. […]

I could not help but notice at a recent community meeting the different generations that were represented. As many as five generations were present. The “white tops” of gray hair made the traditionalist generation (born before 1945) obvious. They have been around longer than the Reston community. Reston was founded at the end of the birth […]