Just Enough to Get By

Too many people are beset by horrible diseases through no discernable reason on their part that alter or shorten their lives. For those who beat the attack on their bodies there are many reasons to rejoice at having won the fight. For those who do not make it to the average age of a lifespan there will likely be much grieving and sense of loss by those who are left behind.

Many industries have developed around the science and mystery of staying young forever, staving off diseases and setbacks, and finding eternal happiness. There is evidence that some of these really work; for others the evidence is not clear. There is certainty that you will have to be committed in time and money.

For those like me who hide behind a busy and stingy lifestyle, there must be ways to live out your life so that more of your personal goals are reached before your body is used up. What can one do to maintain a reasonably active lifestyle with just enough effort and money to get by? That is a question I have pondered for much of my life. My conclusion after reading from many sources is that there are things one can do that will provide a return just enough to get by.

I have no credentials that make me any kind of an expert in the field of living a long and healthy life, and I offer my findings as just observation that you may choose to compare with other sources as you decide on your own lifestyle. These are the things I am trying to do in life.

As a non-athlete with poor coordination I have not been willing to force myself into many exercise routines that hurt when I do them or for which I simply do not seem suited. I gather from my sketchy research that exercise is essential. One needs to keep the body moving for it to be able to continue to move. Apparently walking is the best exercise, and it can be done in more than half-hour sprints most of the days of the week. You do not need to beat anyone else’s time or to exceed your tolerance level for sweating. Walking a mile or more a day rather than just strolling might be adequate.

Drink a lot but alcohol in moderation. And eliminating sugary drinks is desirable. Water is one of the sustainers of life and should be consumed regularly and in good quantity. I am not going to try to sort out the many diet plans that go beyond my capacity to evaluate. For eating, the answer seems to be to make healthy choices that do not include a lot or any red meat, fatty stuff of all kinds, and too much salt or sugar. Whole grains are important as are things common in Mediterranean diets like olive oil, salads and vegetables. Get to know what a portion really means for it is likely to be much smaller than you would ever have guessed.

Companionship is really important; that might be a spouse, significant other, bridge or book club members, religious faith friends, or family. Stay in touch with others. It is good for them and for you. Pay attention to what you are thinking, to what is going on in your head. If you are discovering too many conspiracies among those around you or in the world, increase your dose of companionship with those who are well balanced.

Those are my conclusions on what is just enough to get by. Work out your own formula for a long and happy life. The important part is to take charge of life; do not simply let it take charge of you!

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