Bellafill: The Smile Enhancer

With the rise of the Kardashians’s fascination with plastic surgery, now older and younger patients are considering medical options for enhancing their appearance. Magdalena Gwiazda is only 35, but she’s a huge fan of Bellafill. Four years ago, after her destination wedding in Poland, she was looking through her wedding pictures. She was disturbed by the wrinkles around her mouth. “I noticed deep lines in those pictures. After I got my album all finished up, I thought, ‘I should do some kind of filler,’” says Gwiazda, adding, “I don’t expect perfection. But my face could be a little bit softer.”

Prevention and Enhancement

Gwiazda says that millennials like her believe in prevention rather than attending to skin care problems after they’ve been around for a while, “People would say that I looked so young, but those lines bothered me, and that’s what matters.” A few months passed, and Gwiazda asked plastic surgeon, Dr. Ravi Dahiya, “Should I get more?” Dr Dahiya explained to her that the Bellafill process is unique. After a month, your body breaks down Bellafill, but then it starts making its own collagen in the same area. Over time, your body uses the microspheres in Bellafill to create a “scaffold” onto which a person’s own natural collagen develops. This collagen forms a foundation that adds volume to creases, acne scars, jowls and marionette lines, reducing their impact.

People who wish to avoid the expense and discomfort of regular visits to their doctor, should definitely consider Bellafill. It’s is a cosmetic procedure that’s designed to last—FDA studies indicate that it can smooth lines around the mouth for up to five years.

With most fillers, the body breaks the material down, and in about six months, patients will likely see a return of their deeper wrinkle lines and want another injection. “Bellafill is not the technology you find in other fillers,” says Gwiazda. “For people who hate injections, they won’t have to worry about getting them over and over again.”

Gwiazda’s Bellafill treatment was in 2014, and four years later, she’s not added any extra syringes. “I like that I look natural. When you touch the areas, they’re soft, like my tissue. My smile is simply softer and looks more natural,” says Gwiazda. “My face looked a little overfilled in the beginning, but the swelling goes down in three days.”

Where to Find Bellafill

It’s important to verify that your surgeon is well-trained, since this is a long-term commitment. Dahiya is an international trainer in the use of Bellafill and was recognized by Bellafill’s manufacturer Suneva as one of the top 1% of injectors in the country. He is board certified with the American Academy and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and principle physician at Dahiya Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Rockville, Maryland. Dahiya serves as medical director at Sechoir Beauty Bar in the Mosaic District in Fairfax where he offers facial consultations, injectables and follow ups.

When considering Bellafill you should include preparation and post-procedural planning. It may not be best to have big plans the evening and day after. Gwiazda said she only dealt with mild redness after her procedure, but some patients experience bruising and swelling.

Dahiya’s team takes before and after pictures to show their patients the changes over time.

They strongly recommend patients stay away from blood thinners like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before. The doctor will usually give you a skin test before injecting Bellafill to check for allergies or reactions.

Post procedure, you’ll want to ice the treatment areas. Homeopathics like Bromoline, which can diminish the appearance of swelling, and Arnica, which can reduce bruising, are healing options for patients too. Since you can’t predict how you’re going to react, it’s a good idea to discuss these issues with your medical team in advance. Dahiya has his patients return six weeks after the procedure to check their results.

Dahiya has administered the product, which is made in San Diego, for nine years, and has seen it improved and reformulated. The experienced provider personalizes his treatment for each patient, but his general philosophy is, “To achieve that subtle look. I’m conservative with volume, because I want it to look very natural.”

People who seek a fresher, younger look should not wait until the aging process is difficult to reverse. The best approach to maintain a youthful look is to have procedures like botox and fillers before the aging process is too far along. “When someone comes in at age 65, and says they want to look like their friend Jenny, and Jenny has been my patient for the last ten years, it’s a lot harder to achieve those same results,” says Dahiya.

Dr. Ravi Dahiya has a passion for the creative challenges posed by both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. By focusing this interest and energy into the area of facial and neck procedures exclusively, Dr. Dahiya can bring that focus to your chosen procedure.

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