Beauty Spotlight: Nawara Omary Elliott

Beauty Spotlight: Nawara Omary Elliott

Name and occupation

Nawara Omary Elliott, Owner and Director of Dara Global Arts Gallery.

We sell fine art online ( where it is curated to represent emerging, established, local and global artists in bringing harmony and peace as a mission  through their pieces.

What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary?

My hair appearance.. I try to keep it maintained with a trim and a highlight every six to eight weeks by my favorite hair dresser Nora.

What is the beauty product will you would not leave the house without?

Tinted SPF 50 face cream, waterproof black brown mascara and the one and only non peroxide whitening AP24 Toothpaste by NuSkin.

What is your workout pick?

Pilates, Yoga, weight lifting and all kinds of dancing…

What is your view on diet?

As much organic as possible, especially when it comes to meat, eggs and berries.  Mediterranean food in my opinion is one of the most beneficial. A piece of grilled fish or a lamb chop with dark green leaf salad including tabbouleh and a glass of red wine is HEAVENLY healthy and MOST enjoyable…

Hair Stylist:

Neli Tatruashvili
Alya Salon & Spa

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