Ask Dr. Dima: How To Permanently Destroy Your Stubborn Fat

Ask Dr. Dima: How To Permanently Destroy Your Stubborn Fat

One in every three women say they have considered lengths more than changing their diet and increasing their exercise in order to rid themselves of excess fat. Many women deprive themselves of their favorite foods and spend countless hours in the gym just to look and feel better. However, unfortunately that isn’t always enough.

UltraShape is a completely pain-free, non-invasive procedure proven to target and destroy stubborn body fat. This technology uses focused, pulsed ultrasound to provide real results without heat or cold.

Over 300,000 UltraShape treatments have been performed worldwide. Patients trust UltraShape to help eliminate the fat that even diet and exercise can’t touch. Many patients experience visible results within just two weeks of the first treatment and see full results after a three-treatment series.

What are the desirable benefits of the procedure?

UltraShape painlessly destroys stubborn body fat with visible results in just two weeks. After a series of three quick, completely comfortable treatments patients can achieve a noticeably slimmer figure. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, patients can lose up to two sizes. Best of all, the treatments are quick, pain-free and completely non-invasive. You can have the treatment and get back to daily life without skipping a beat.

What are the common misconceptions about the procedure?

UltraShape’s unique pulsed ultrasound provides a comfortable treatment that doesn’t generate inflammation (like heat-based treatments) or frozen lumps or bumps (like cold-based treatments). Being the shape that you want to be shouldn’t have to hurt.

  • The UltraShape procedure has an excellent safety record
  • Over 300,000 patient treatments have been safely performed world-wide
  • Over 600 patients have been the subject of clinical studies on the UltraShape procedure
  • As with any medical procedure, there is always some risk
  • Ask your doctor if you would like additional information on the safety of the UltraShape procedure

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

A good UltraShape candidate:

  • Has a BMI under 30
  • Can pinch an inch of soft subcutaneous fat
  • Maintains a healthy lifestyle/diet
  • Has realistic expectations

What the procedure entails…

  • An UltraShape treatment lasts between 45 minutes and one hour
  • For best results, we recommend a series of three treatments two weeks apart
  • The UltraShape procedure is performed during a convenient, “walk-in, walk-out” session at an authorized UltraShape treatment center
  • The UltraShape procedure uses pulsed ultrasound, so there is no discomfort caused by cold or heat. Some patients report a slight-to-moderate tingling sensation
  • The vast majority of patients report a comfortable treatment experience
  • Before the treatment, markers will be placed around the treatment area for the system to outline the treatment area
  • A special ultrasound gel will be applied on the treatment area
  • Treatment will begin and your entire marked “problem area” will be treated
  • Once treatment is completed, the gel will be wiped away
  • Your next appointment will be scheduled in two weeks

What the recovery is like..

Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed. But remember that the key to maintaining your good results is to eat a good diet and have an active, healthy lifestyle. After an UltraShape treatment you should:

  • Resume daily routine
  • Avoid weight gain
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get routine exercise
  • Reveal your UltraShape

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