Where is Reston?

My most recent vacation away from Reston made me think of where our community is in the world.

To most fully answer the question of where Reston is in the world, I share the following description:

Reston, named for its founder Robert E. Simon, is an unincorporated community in the northern region of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States of America. Its zip codes are 20190, 20191, and 20194. Reston is in the 11th Congressional District, the 36th Virginia House District, and the 32nd State Senate District. It is in Fairfax County in the Hunter Mill Magisterial District, the Small Tax District 5, and the Virginia Planning District 8 (Northern Virginia Regional Commission). Reston is in Region 4 of Virginia Public Schools, Region 7 of GO Virginia for workforce training, and the Fairfax Health District.

Reston is in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area. Reston comprises the following census blocks: VA0594822021, VA0594822022, VA0594822023, and VA0594822024.

GPS coordinates for Reston are:

Latitude: 38.9586307

Longitude: -77.3570028.

Its other coordinates are:

Arc-Minutes 233751784 -464142016

DDD.MM.SS 38.57.31-77.21.25

NMEA (DDDMM.MMMM) 3857.5178,N,07721.4202,W.

The elevation of Reston is 420.54 feet (128.18 meter).

Please let me know if I left out any vital information that you use in finding your way home. I do not recommend that you use this information in directing others to our community, however! If they are coming by air, tell them to fly into Dulles International Airport and take the blue bus to Reston Station, where you will pick them up. If they are driving, have them take the Dulles Toll Road off of I-495, also known as the Capital Beltway.

However they get here, I am sure they will enjoy our Reston community as much as we do!

Distances from Reston to some big cities are:

Amsterdam ⇒ 3856 miles / 6206 kilometers

Dubai ⇒ 7051 miles / 11347 kilometers

Geneva ⇒ 4078 miles / 6563 kilometers

New York ⇒ 215 miles / 346 kilometers

London ⇒ 3675 miles / 5915 kilometers

Los Angeles ⇒ 2277 miles / 3664 kilometers

Rome ⇒ 4496 miles / 7236 kilometers

Miami ⇒ 927 miles / 1491 kilometers

Moscow ⇒ 4866 miles / 7831 kilometers

Paris ⇒ 3842 miles / 6183 kilometers

Tokyo ⇒ 6763 miles / 10885 kilometers

Source: https://www.coordinatesfinder.com/coordinates/9434-reston-virginia

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