Use It or Lose It — Don’t Let Your Child’s Dental Benefits Expire

With the end of the year approaching, it is time to make sure you take advantage of the dental benefits that you have invested into your child’s dental insurance policy. On average, the yearly maximum is renewed every calendar year on January 1st of each year. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not allow you to roll over any unused benefits into the following year. If you have not used up all the dental benefits allowed for your child, they will be gone forever!

Here are 4 quick and easy things you can do to make sure you are maximizing your insurance:

  1. Make sure to call your insurance. Check whether you have a dental exam and cleaning benefit available. Most dental insurance companies provide 2 standard dental exams, 2 professional cleanings, and radiographs every year.
  2. Call you dentist to schedule the appointment. These visits  are often in high demand as many parents want the same times frames when kids are out of school. They are an easy way to make sure your child’s oral hygiene is not negatively impacting your child’s overall health. During a thorough exam, the dentist is able to make sure sure every tooth is strong and healthy while ruling out any abnormalities in the soft tissue of the mouth.
  3. The dentist’s clinical team will help remove any old plaque and tartar that may have build up since the last professional cleaning. Digital radiographs are a safe way to help the dentist rule out any cavities or abnormalities happening on tooth surfaces not visible to the naked eye.  Fluoride treatment may be recommended based on your child’s risk level of getting cavities.
  4. If there is anything suspicious found in your child’s mouth, it is always best to find out as soon as possible. If you have allowance left in your ‘plan-max’ for the year, you can utilize that amount towards any preventive sealants or any treatment that might be needed. If a dentist is able to diagnose and restore cavities while they are small, they are able to preserve more tooth structure and better protect the tooth. Primary teeth (also known as baby teeth) are critical in helping a child learn to speak, eat, and they save the space for future adult teeth. Losing a primary tooth to dental decay should never be a first option for the dentist or parents.

If you ever have any questions about your insurance policy, you should feel free to reach out to your insurer to provide a breakdown of benefits allowed on your plan. Your Pediatric Dental office can help maximize your insurance benefits by verifying them prior to your child’s visit. Take advantage of your investment, and use those dental benefits before you lose them!

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