Springtime in Virginia's Gardens

Springtime in Virginia’s Gardens

As a native Virginian born near the small town of Shenandoah in the Shenandoah Valley, I journeyed to Norfolk in Hampton Roads in the southeastern region of the state where I completed my undergraduate degree at Old Dominion University. I finished a Master’s degree at the University of Virginia in the Piedmont region whereupon I settled in Northern Virginia in 1965. I could be called a “state traveler!” As most will agree, there is no more beautiful state in the union. For those who are new to the state or who have stayed close to home for the time they have been here, spring is the time to get out and enjoy our Reston community and the state in which it is located.

There is no better time nor better way to get to know Virginia than by enjoying the state’s historic and beautiful gardens on display during Historic Garden Week; this year April 22-29. More than 250 of the Commonwealth’s most historic landmarks, homes and beautiful gardens are open for public visitation during this period. Sponsored by the Garden Club of Virginia, proceeds from the event fund the restoration of Virginia’s historic gardens and support the state parks as well as maintaining records on the state’s historic gardens and landscapes.

There is no need to travel a long distance to enjoy beautiful spring gardens; there are five Reston gardens on the tour on April 25. For a schedule of all gardens and homes on the tour throughout the state, go to www.vagardenweek.org/. Stay close to home or plan a weekend to get to know another region of the state where you can learn some rich history, take in the beauty of the homes and gardens, and indulge in the culinary delights of the region. There is something to please every taste and whim in the Old Dominion.

While my travels in the Commonwealth have been extensive, there is no place that I would rather live than in Reston, Virginia. In fact, my travels around confirm that feeling every time I return home. Take time to smell the flowers as you travel.

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