Regenerative Science & Photo Therapy

Regenerative Science & Photo Therapy

Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body. Stem cells are the seedlings of mature cells that comprise our tissues, blood, organs, and muscles. A special type of stem cell, Pluripotent stem cells, are the only cells that can change or convert to any cell our body needs for repair and regeneration. Scientists have discovered that as we age, our stem cell activity drops. At age 35 we lose 50% of our stem cells, and after age 60, stem cells and their activity drops to less than 10%. This explains why people age so rapidly starting at age 65.

Young people rebound from injuries fast, they are more active, exhibit more energy and enthusiasm. Older adults can regain some of these traits, by embracing a daily routine of healthy diet and regular exercise. Yet, even so, many people, including health and wellness professionals struggle with the ravages of aging, or the painful, lingering after-effects of a past injury.

Regenerative science or what is known as longevity science is a new frontier of health and wellness. Stem cells were only discovered in 1961 by two Canadians, biophysicist James Till and cellular biologist Ernest McCulloch. Since then, bio-tech firms are perfecting ways of harvesting, growing stem cells. Doctors are now able to transplant and inject stem cells to address a variety of health conditions, joint pain, cancer, injuries. However, their methods haven’t been without cost, controversy and risk.

Local health publicist, Kimberly Hartke, is proposing an exciting alternative, “What if we could coax our dormant stell cells to wake up and start acting as if they were young again? How can we signal our body to start manufacturing new stem cells? Wouldn’t it be safer and less expensive to gently utilize our body’s natural system of repair and regeneration?”

Hartke became a believer in lifestyle changes to accomplish health goals over a decade ago. Kimberly in 2006 was diagnosed with runner’s knee (painful knee joints) and her husband Keith, broker/owner of National Realty in Reston, was just beginning to take doctor prescribed blood pressure pills. Determined to nip these health issues in the bud, the couple embarked on a diet and exercise program. Within 3 months, Keith’s doctor congratulated him, saying “Only 10% of my clients succeed in getting off this medication.” Within 6 months, Kimberly’s stabbing knee pain was gone, and she was left with only an occasional twinge or stiffness.  

The entrepreneurial couple launched Hartke Health, LLC last September. Their desire is to help others experience a better quality of life, by encouraging their clients to invest time and money wisely in their health. The Hartke Health company is an independent representative of a new modality in holistic health, known as photo therapy. Low level light therapy is based on the idea that the body is an electrical system. Our human bodies generate heat and light, which is the power source to help one achieve health goals. The Hartke firm is introducing these new longevity promoting products to local health and wellness professionals, as well as health conscious individuals. The addition of a stem cell activation technology to the product line holds promise for many people striving to counter the ravages of aging. While widely known in Europe and used by many health professionals in clinical practice, it is just coming into its own here in the U.S. 

Dr. Michael Hamblin a professor at Harvard is the world’s leading expert in phototherapy with close to 300 papers to his credit, mostly on phototherapy or photobiomodulation. In one article he states, “Photobiomodulation has made, and is continuing to make, major progress in obtaining recognition from authorities in medical schools, scholarly journals, the popular press and media, medical practitioners, therapists and other bodies concerned with biomedical science.”

Health practitioners looking for a new therapy to offer in your clinic please schedule an appointment today. For individuals, if diet and exercise alone are not getting you to your goals, Hartke Health may have the extra boost you need.

Contact: Kimberly Hartke, 703-860-2711,

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