New Metrorail Training Simulator

Metro Transit Police Chief Ronald Pavlik speaking about the importance of the simulator for safety in the Metrorail system.

Loudoun County just opened a new Metrorail Training Simulator located at the Oliver Robert Dubé Fire and Rescue Training Academy in Leesburg. The simulator is comprised of two retired 4000-series railcars from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The simulator also has two parallel sections of track with a high-voltage third rail to help first responders train to respond to emergencies within the Metrorail system. The Metrorail Training Simulator will make Silver Line riders safer.


Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld speaking at the dedication ceremony for the Loudoun County Metrorail Training Simulator.

Pictured at top:

Training Simulator Demonstration
Loudoun County Fire and Rescue personnel engaged in a training simulator demonstration at the railcar dedication ceremony.

Photos courtesy of the Loudoun County Government


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