How Dentist Offices Are Keeping Patients Safe

How Dentist Offices Are Keeping Patients Safe

Adjustments to Office Procedures Due to COVID-19

Can you believe that it has been more than 6 months since the coronavirus pandemic forced the public to suspend routine care and ‘non-essential’ dentist visits? 

And worse! We’ve found that those who avoided seeking necessary dental care have experienced adverse outcomes to their health!

But there is good news! 

Since reopening, dental offices like Smile Wonders have made several modifications to their operating procedures. We are going above and beyond standard protocol while adhering to new state and local guidelines to stop the spread of the virus.

Now, you can seek the routine or emergency dental care you need and know that dental offices are doing everything in their power to keep you and everyone else safe!

Changes to Scheduling

Every surface that patients encounter are sanitized in between every appointment, so upon arrival, patients are instructed to wait in their cars until the office has been freshly sanitized for them.

Smile Wonders now schedules staggered appointment times and designates closed private rooms for each patient and family. 

After washing your hands and a quick temperature check for both the patient(s) and one guardian, a masked personal escort will take them to their room to begin the appointment. This helps to limit contact between different patient families.

Sneeze Guards and Air Purifiers

You will see some changes from our photos online when you enter the office! Sneeze guards have been added in the Smile Wonders front office to protect the health of our patients and team. 

And in the back office, HEPA air purification systems have also been installed and are continuously running to add another level of protection for everyone! 

Enhanced PPE

Though wearing a mask yourself may offer a bit of protection from contracting the virus, it is most important that those around you are wearing masks to prevent the exchange of air droplets. 

In addition to the sneeze guards and HEPA air purification systems in place, you can rest assured that everyone who enters Smile Wonders, both staff and patients alike, are wearing a mask. 

Furthermore, with our staggered appointments, the social distancing guidelines are being maintained for you!

Smile Wonders also has limited the exchange of physical paperwork by sending out touchless digital paperwork to our patients that can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Covid Screening and Temperature Checks

To ensure that the virus would not be spread by staff members entering the office, Smile Wonders uses Periodic Covid-19 testing for team members if any suspicion of exposure or symptoms are noted.  And of course, temperature checks are done in the morning and after lunch break for all team members.

Smile Wonders has a wellness form that can be filled out on your mobile phone to screen patients before they enter the office. We check the temperature of every patient and their guardian after they have entered the office and have been escorted to our hand washing station. 

If the wellness form indicates anyone in the family is exhibiting any potential symptoms or a patient is feeling unwell, they are asked to reschedule and assisted in doing so by our office.

Telemedicine to Keep You Safe 

If you are unsure about whether or not you need to schedule an appointment, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment with Smile Wonders. The doctors have worked with a video conferencing portal option that allows you to go over your child’s concern and symptoms from the safety of your home. 

This option works really well for our new moms and babies that might be experiencing feeding difficulties. When children have dental anxiety that gets in the way of cooperation in a dental setting, a telemedicine visit is a great way to get to know the doctor and come up with a plan for upcoming visits. 

You shouldn’t feel the need to forego essential or urgent care including regular dental check-ups due to fear of the virus! Delaying care could lead to detrimental effects to your oral and overall health.

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