Four Reasons Profile Sanford May Be the Wellness Solution for You

Four Reasons Profile Sanford May Be the Wellness Solution for You

When McLean resident and business operations professional Andres Gonzalez decided to open a local business, he did a lot of research before becoming a franchise owner of weight loss and wellness company Profile Sanford. He liked that the company is more than a weight loss clinic. It’s an overall wellness solution that helps members achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Shortly before opening the first of his three planned locations in the Tysons’ area, Andres explained the four factors that set Profile Sanford apart from other programs.

One-On-One Coaching

Right from the start, you’ll work with a coach who is there with you every step of the way to educate, motivate and support you throughout the program. Your coach works with you on nutrition, activity and lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and keep it off. “Having someone partner with you, without judgment, helps keep you on track,” said Gonzalez. “You’re encouraged to share what the last week was like when you meet with your coach either in person or over the phone.”

The coaches Gonzalez has hired all have backgrounds in the health industry and have then gone through parent company Sanford Health’s in-person training certification program. Before opening his first physical location in Falls Church, Gonzalez offered the Profile program virtually, and the one thing he said customers always mentioned in their feedback was the value of the one-on-one coaching and how supportive the coaches are.

Personalized Plans Rooted in Science

One of the biggest differences between this and other plans is that Profile Sanford offers a nutrition, activity and lifestyle program that is personalized to work with each member’s genetic makeup. The staff at Profile will swab your cheek to test your DNA. The DNA test identifies genetic markers that usually indicate how you metabolize certain foods, in particular, carbohydrates. Based on that information, the staff customize a nutrition and wellness plan for you.

Learning about how your DNA affects your health is an exciting prospect. However, before you agree to the test, you should read the terms and conditions on the Profile website to be sure you understand the implications of having your DNA tested.

Using Technology to Track Your Progress

The Profile program also uses technology to monitor your results. You can weigh in from the privacy of your own home with the Bluetooth-enabled Smart Body Scale that also measures body mass index, heart rate, body fat percentage and waist-to-hip ratio. The information is automatically uploaded to your app, where you can access and track it. The program also offers a smart tracker to help you monitor and log your activity.

Created by Physicians and Researchers

Profile Sanford was developed by Sandford Health, an international healthcare system. “Sanford Health developed the program to be an extension of your healthcare,” said Gonzalez. Gonzalez wants to partner with physicians, and he offers a discount to any member referred by a physician. Of course, before starting any weight loss program, you should consult with your doctor.

Gonzalez also is working with companies that offer wellness programs to their employees because it’s a benefit to employers to have a healthy labor force. His goal is to instill healthy living in the community. Gonzalez’s wife Patricia is a doctor and serves as a medical consultant for the family’s franchise.

How It Works

Profile offers a free initial consultation where you’ll get an introduction to the program. You’ll learn about the wireless technology, meet a coach and learn about the Profile promise: a guarantee that if you don’t lose 15 percent of your body weight in a year, they will refund your membership fee.

“We’re not looking to have a member for life,” Gonzalez said. “We want to bring about lifestyle changes by taking a holistic approach. We want it to be something sustainable. The last part of the program is called Sustain, and it will be you being able to maintain this on your own.” And that means being able to go to the grocery store and make healthy choices.

Membership is based on an annual fee of $399 and includes access to a coach at least once a week, the digital wireless scale, DNA test, a journey book to track your progress, and a shaker bottle.

Gonzalez opened his first location at 1140 West Broad Street, Falls Church, on November 1st, and he is looking at additional locations in the Tysons area. You can learn more at or by calling 703-991-1455.

Analiese Kreutzer is a contributing writer to VivaTysons and VivaReston. As a long-time resident of the area, she is passionate about the communities, people and businesses our publications cover. She can be reached at

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