ChlakFest at Reston Town Center

ChalkFest at the Reston Town Center was a display of local talent

On September 9 and 10, ChalkFest At Reston Town Center was presented by the Initiative for Public Art – Reston (IPAR) and Reston Town Center. The community joined to create chalk drawings on Market Street and there were prizes for professional artists, amateur artists, families and kids, in addition to the “Audience Choice Awards”. These were the winners:

Professional Artists

  • 1st Place: Penny Hauffe
    1st Place: Penny Hauffe
  • 2nd Place: Brianna Camp 
    2nd Place: Brianna Camp 
  • 3rd: Francis Deppner 
    3rd: Francis Deppner 

Amateur Artists

  • 1st Place:  Vesna Cottrell
    1st Place: Vesna Cottrell
  • 2nd Place: Bruce Wright
    2nd Place: Bruce Wright
  • 3rd Place: Sonya and Mona Hakala
    3rd Place: Sonya and Mona Hakala

Families & Kids

  • 1st Place: Imogen, Tarana, Andy, Annabelle
    1st Place: Imogen, Tarana, Andy, Annabelle
  • 2nd Place: Charlotte Cottrell
    2nd Place: Charlotte Cottrell
  • 3rd Place: Regina Adams
    3rd Place: Regina Adams

Audience Choice Award

  • 1st Place: Diana Contreras
    1st Place: Diana Contreras
  • 2nd Place: Colin Muir
    2nd Place: Colin Muir
  • 3rd Place: Elsa Miller
    3rd Place: Elsa Miller
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