Aria MediSpa, Yoga & Wellness Center

Aria MediSpa, Yoga & Wellness Center provides an authentic European spa experience right here in Northern Virginia. Unique and effective treatments will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery to optimal health. Fresh orchids welcome you at the entrance. From the soothing Serenity Zone to the Himalayan rock salt-walled heated yoga studio, you will embark on a tranquil and simultaneously energizing experience. Themed objets d’art are inspired by lotus flowers to elephants to giraffes to Russian nesting dolls and Buddha statues. Mint tea or citrus-infused water await you at every turn. Nibble on high antioxidant mix and apples. Drift off to the sounds of a fountain. This Zen-like space will recalibrate your entire being.

Here’s how it works. Aria MediSpa, Yoga & Wellness Center offers a fully comprehensive 1-day Rejuvenation, 3-day Energy Balance, and 7-day Detox Weight Loss Program, based on the concept of natural detoxification and deep cleansing of the body using new methods in a multi-prong approach in order to lose weight, lose toxins naturally, eliminate fat, and encourage the lymphatic system to remove toxins from fat cells through our core treatments and spa treatments, resulting in restoring the natural metabolism and balancing energy circulation.  Keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements allows them to offer scientifically based body treatments with the most effective new products, devices, and procedures available for achieving dramatic results.

Throughout life, the body continues to accumulate toxins – from such everyday sources as the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Consequently, it is impossible for the body to effectively process these numerous toxins and therefore ends up storing them in the body, causing people to have difficulty with their weight loss goals.

The Detox Program is comprised of a three-step process whereby they:

  1. start to remove toxins from the body through core treatments,
  2. eliminate toxins ingested from food through a customized meal plan of 1,500 calories maximum of low-calorie, organic food per day, and
  3. develop a new gently balanced lifestyle.

You will arrive at Aria’s sleek, contemporary, state-of-the-art facilities in Sterling, Virginia, for a day visit, or for a three- or seven-day stay in your own luxurious private suite, decorated in muted tones such as seafoam green and taupe—with amenities such as a spacious modern bathroom with a rainforest showerhead, desk, and TV—just what you need and nothing you don’t. They recommend you pack a bathing suit for the steam room, comfortable clothing for Thai massage, a tracksuit, and running shoes. Guests may have breakfast and lunch in their bathrobe; however for dinner in the charmingly chic café, casual-elegant attire is requested. After a refreshing shower upon arrival, you will slip into your robe and slippers and head down to be greeted at the first floor reception desk.

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

Initial Evaluation/ Nutritionist Consultation

One of the most important steps when staying at Aria MediSpa is the initial evaluation, which allows them to make an accurate assessment of your current state of health— mental and physical—in order to customize a specific treatment program that will fit your requirements. First, you will undergo a full-body densitometry, which will provide full information about the proportion of fat, muscle, and bone in your body. Also we will measure your body proportions and weight. This will inform the type and duration, as well as the menus selected for your personalized treatment plan. We offer a selection of light, tasty nutrient-rich food prepared by a chef with fresh seasonal produce, following a bio-light food philosophy.

You will have a consultation with a nutritionist to develop a personalized dietary lifestyle with regard to the biological clock, selection of food, and food combinations. You will be empowered to make nutritious healthy food choices that will increase your energy, help you experience weight loss, healthy glowing skin, and decreased anxiety—naturally increasing your vitality for life.

Next, you will have an appointment with a clinical director, who will review your well-being history, specifically regarding body conditions, in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you based on your own particular well-being and health profiles. Then you are ready to start the detoxification process.

Core treatments

Detox Hydrotherapy Caracalla Treatment

During this 20-minute treatment, the client will lay down in a tub of water where the body will experience the pulsating impact of powerful computer-driven jets emanating from 350 nozzles which produce a wave of movement along the body, having the effect of naturally loosening the fat cells in the body to a depth of 1/4 inch across the entire surface of the body.

Seaweed Jouvence Wrap Dry Float

Guests enjoy relaxing music during this 20-minute treatment where they are covered with seaweed in the form of a mud mask, wrapped in a seaweed wrap, and gently lowered onto a soft cushion which floats in a tub. The tub is heated to a balmy temperature of 96°F, under which conditions detoxification is enhanced, as fat is released as one loses liquid through the perspiration process.

Powerful Jet Sharko Shower

The powerful Jet Sharko Shower projects water under high pressure from a shower-like device from a distance of 8.5–10 for an extra strong massage over the patient’s entire body. It uses a pressure of 1.5–5 atmospheres with water at a temperature of 90-96°F. This activates the metabolism, improves blood and lymph circulation, produces a relaxing effect on the nerves, eliminates headaches, and improves sleep quality. It is also useful for the prevention and correction of cellulite. This method combines the process of reducing fat cells more quickly with massage to release the liquid with toxins. This process continues to loosen and soften fat cells and prepare the body for myofascial lymphatic drainage massage.

Drainage Massage with Cupping

A form of massage following the flow of the lymph system, this technique is based on deep, rhythmic pressure. The massage therapist will open up the lymph nodes to allow the powerful lymphatic system to carry and remove toxins from the body. Additionally, vacuum suction in the form of cupping will increase the detoxification process. Additional benefits of lymphatic drainage are that it strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle spasms—which can also cause widespread muscular pain—and promotes tissue regeneration.

Kneipp Contrast Therapy

Gradually pass through a series of four contiguous showers with colored synchronized lights and alternating cold water from the overhead and hot water from below, which encourages the metabolic system to increase the process of removing toxins from the body. Contrasting therapy should be a standard part of detoxification weight loss treatment and any technique for stimulating tissue without stressing it. Contrast hydrotherapy is used to prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions. This treatment strengthens immune defenses, stimulates the circulatory and nervous systems as well as the metabolism, and invigorates the body.

Former Miss Iowa USA and HSN Beauty Expert and blogger Shawn Marie Diddy was impressed by the suite of services she enjoyed, including Cryotherapy, which she thinks everyone should try. “My favorite part of the spa experience was the people—the practitioners. The spa treatments were wonderful, however the way the staff attended to us was exceptional. I like relaxing treatments because—like many people—my life is often hectic. I think my favorite moments were in the Aromatherapy Sauna with Russian Herbal Venik. I also enjoyed the experience of the Himalayan Salt Room because it was great for my mind and body. As far as the Hot Air Drift and Snow Infusion, as a former Miss Iowa USA, I know snow, and I recommend you go to Aria for their spa experience. Just thinking of it makes me smile. It was also great timing for me as I had been on several long flights. The stimulation of the treatments really made me feel better and more able to enjoy my trip.”

The team at Aria MediSpa is committed to your ongoing health and well-being goals, providing exceptional experiences to truly nourish, educate, and inspire. Their goal is to not only introduce new lifestyle choices, but to give you the knowledge to take home from this health retreat into your day-to-day life, so as to make lifelong changes on your path to a happier, healthier you. They seek to find the best possible solutions to assist you reaching your personal health, well-being, fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle goals. Recent Aria guest Camille Barry of Great Falls, Virginia, expressed her unequivocal enthusiasm upon completing the 7-day body detox/weight loss program at Aria. She attested that the 8 pounds she lost while at Aria indeed stayed off. “I’m ecstatic! The weight I lost were pounds I had struggled to lose for several years.  I can now wear clothes that hung in my closet during my ‘overweight period’ unused.  Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the dramatic results.” Embark on your own health discovery journey today.

Detox Weight Loss 7-Day Program

During your stay, you will be guided through a series of core treatments:

  • Caracalla Treatment (20 min, 7 sessions)
  • Jouvence Wrap Dry Float (20 min, 7 sessions)
  • Sharko Jet Shower (10-15 min, 7 sessions)
  • Drainage Massage with Cupping (60 min, 7 sessions)
  • Kneipp Contrast Therapy (10 min, 7 sessions)
  • Float Therapy (60 min, 3 sessions)
  • Salt Room Therapy (7 sessions)
  • Vibration Therapy (10 min, 7 sessions)

In addition you will experience a suite of spa treatments:

  • Sauna with Snow Infusion (30 min, 5 sessions)
  • Sauna with Herbal Venik (30 min, 2 sessions)
  • Aroma Steam Therapy (30 min, 7 sessions)
  • Organic Body Scrub (1 session)
  • Thai Massage (60 min, 1 sessions)
  • Organic Facial (1 sessions)
  • Zerona Body Contouring (45 min, 6 sessions)
  • VelaShape Body Shaping (45 min, 6 sessions)
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy (3 min, 3 sessions)
  • Hot/Warm Yoga (60 min, 3 sessions)
  • Meditation (30 min, 7 sessions)

Aria Medispa, Yoga & Wellness Center

2 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Sterling, VA 20165

Pictured at top: Salt Room Therapy

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