AcceleDent: A few minutes a day will change your smile forever

You may hesitate to achieve the smile you were meant to have as an adult seeking orthodontic treatment. In advocacy for your oral health, in this article Dr. Calkins shares contemporary treatment auxiliaries that benefit adult orthodontics for a faster and more comfortable orthodontic experience.

Adult orthodontics now has the benefit of prescribing AcceleDent Aura®, a simple-to-use and hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment in only 20 min per day.

The technology at Sunrise Orthodontics is constantly evolving, and AcceleDent Aura is part of the progressive specialist philosophy that is implemented at Dr. Calkins’ office: “the bone surrounding the teeth will respond to micopulsations delivered by the device in your mouth, so teeth move faster in the desired specific direction “, Dr. Calkins explains.

AcceleDent Aura is a device that generates small vibrations that will accelerate the rate of change or remodeling of the bones that surround your teeth and speed up tooth movement. Some patients even feel more comfortable during their orthodontic treatment. The device is easy to use and non-invasive.

Dr. Calkins recommends using this device by incorporating it into daily activities such as reading or answering emails: “the device is easy to use and our patients feel comfortable, they also value the shorter treatment time for adult orthodontics”. Clinical trials have proven to shorten treatment time up to 50%.

Our patients will be provided with the device along with a mouthpiece that is selected exclusively for them. As the teeth change in position and the bite modifies, under our care, a new mouthpiece might be provided to keep all the teeth in contact for a comfortable bite. The device is also simple to take care of at home by rinsing the mouthpiece with warm water and gently cleaning the activator.

With the acquisition of this technology,  Dr. Calkins is capable of providing patients with a proven Class II Medical Device that is safe and reliable.  This is the same technology that has been used in orthopedic medicine to help broken or damaged bones regenerate. Now it is accessible to patients as part of Sunrise Orthodontics commitment to their care.

This technology is an excellent option for adults that want a smile that can be accomplished with shorter treatment times and comfort, plus with quality in treatment results.

For more information on your orthodontic care, contact Dr. Calkins at Sunrise Orthodontics.

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