Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

At Smile Wonders, we treat children with special needs and their parents with care and compassion, giving them the same high level of dental care as all our patients. We love your child like you do, and through proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits we can help ensure a healthy and happy smile throughout the child’s life. Here are ways we accommodate Children with Special Needs:

Customized Accommodations

Personalized Appointments

Schedule Appointments in the same room, same time, same dental assistant at each visit to establish routines and familiarity.

Visit Flexibility

Split visits to make short quick visits to reduce anxiety. Or, schedule longer appointment times allowed for children that need a little bit longer to get settled and able to cooperate.

Quiet Rooms

Many children with special needs feel safe in their own rooms and defined safe space at Smile Wonders. There are no other children playing and distracting or causing over stimulation. They can wear headphones and connect to televisions mounted to the ceiling or listen to their favorite music. It helps them to relax and avoid having to listen to the normal sounds associated with a dental office. They are also free to enjoy our other play areas.

Specialized Equipment

We adapt our dental equipment and techniques to children with special needs, such as those who cannot stand or sit motionless, creating a more pleasant visit to the dentist. We also provide a frequency schedule as well as tricks and recommendations for modified brushing routine for each child.

Collaboration With Other Providers

Dr. Rishita at Smile Wonders works with area Developmental Pediatricians, Occupational therapists, or Speech Language Pathologists to provide a ‘Visual Social Schedule’, at home ‘Oral stimulatory exercises’ or coordinates appointment with ‘Sensory Diet’ prior to dental appointments. This personalized activity plan gives children the sensory input they need to reduce anxiety, remain attentive, focused and organized throughout their day.

Sedation Dentistry

Children that have mild behavioral and cooperation concerns, we can use Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help with reducing the gag reflex and level of anxiety.

Children that have moderate level of behavioral concerns and extensive dental needs can be evaluated for eligibility to be treated with use of in-office IV sedation under the supervision of our Board Certified Anesthesiologist – Dr. Andy Tran of Olympic Anesthesia, PC.

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If you are looking for a pediatric dentist experienced with special needs children, schedule your appointment with Dr. Rishita Jaju at Smile Wonders today.

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