3 Ways to Prevent Tooth Trauma this Summer

3 Ways to Prevent Tooth Trauma this Summer

Summer is just around the corner! The time for family vacations, swimming, camping, and firefly catching! When there is so much fun to be had, it is common for kids to earn a few bumps or bruises along the way. Sometimes these traumas can happen to the mouth and teeth. Here are a few techniques to help protect your little ones from tooth trauma this Summer.

1. Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a simple and effective tool that can help protect your child’s teeth and jaw when doing any physical activities. They are relatively cheap and easy to customize at home so they can be comfortable for your active kiddos. Mouth guards act as a barrier between teeth and hard surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, or even other people! Mouth guards can also soften the blow to the jaw if a child falls and clamps down on their teeth.

2. Helmets

Somehow, when kids fall they almost always find a way to land on their face! The helmet is a tried and true tool to protect your child’s skull when rollerblading, skateboarding, or riding a bike. Many people may not realize that helmets are also a great way to protect your child’s teeth if they fall. Helmets add an extra barrier to lift the head away from the ground, reducing the risk of the teeth or jaw from scraping against the ground or wall during an accident.

3. Pool Safety

The warmer the weather gets, the more families want to spend time together at the pool. To make sure you and your little ones have a fun and memorable time, be sure to check on how they play at the pool! Encourage kiddos to jump towards the middle or center of the pool to avoid accidentally hitting or jumping into the wall. Always check that the area is clear of other people before jumping in to prevent trauma to others as well!

Even when we try to take precautions kids will still be kids and accidents can happen. What can we do when there is a tooth trauma?

  • Always be sure to manage any bleeding from the site first with clean gauze, cloths, or paper towels.
  • Call your Pediatric Dentist right away so they can check the tooth and surrounding soft tissues! The sooner you are able to be seen, the better prognosis your child may have for saving an injured tooth. They can also provide specific advice on how to manage the trauma based on the type of accident and injury that occurred.
  • Avoid crunchy or hard foods until the child is cleared by a Pediatric Dentist.

The best way to handle any accident is to stay calm, it will help you think clearly and comfort your little one better! Kids will have a blast exploring the world, but they just need a little guidance sometimes on how to do it safely. Have fun and soak up the Summer Sun with your family while the warm weather lasts!

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