Traveling Trends

Traveling Trends

The travel business is crazy right now. Travelers are making up for lost time over the past two years by rebooking their missed trips now. In the past two months, I’ve booked my clients on river cruises and biking trips, wine tastings and hiking treks. Trips that celebrate big birthdays, anniversaries, or families who are finally able to go someplace together…and people are splurging—if not with money with their time. They are staying in 5-star hotels and deciding to do the trips they always wanted to do but kept putting off because they would have to take too much time off work. The past few years have taught us that we shouldn’t put off things we really want to do—and so they are leaping into the trips of a lifetime with gusto!

I want to inspire you to travel by giving you a few of the trends I am seeing this year.

There’s Always Italy and France

I cannot tell you how popular Italy and France are in 2022. They are always at the top of the list but this year, almost every other call I get is for one of these destinations. The Amalfi Coast is extremely popular with visits to Positano and to the Isle of Capri. Sunshine, lemon trees and stunning scenery are what brings people to this region of Italy. Visits to Buffalo Mozzarella cheese farms, ancient ruins and lunch overlooking vineyards are the experiences my clients are booking. In France, Paris is almost always part of the experience with its trendy and traditional restaurants and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but there is also Normandy with the D-Day beaches and the South of France with the beaches and the Rosé…always a great choice!

Kicking off Retirement with a Bang

One of my clients recently retired and decided to book a waterfront luxury villa on a Caribbean Island for an extended time. They plan to have friends and family visit while taking advantage of the services available at the villa including housekeeping, a private chef and a concierge who can help with anything else they might need – all while gazing at the blue waters and white sands on their own personal oasis.

Cruising with a Group

Lots of us, including my family, will be cruising this summer. We are sailing in the Greek Isles as part of a group of friends and family. Cruising is one of the best vacations around! We’ve done it before with extended family and it works because everyone has their own space and gets to pick their own activities while meeting up for drinks and dinner to share the discoveries of the day. The choices of cruise types are enormous! You can cruise on a luxury ship or an expedition ship. There are small vessels with room for 50 people up to huge ships with thousands of cabins available. One of the best experiences is a river trip. You can go to Europe or Alaska or even Africa or Egypt. The world is truly your oyster when you are on a cruise ship.

Solo Treks to Far Flung Lands

I have a couple of solo travelers who have decided to go on active guided vacations, where a group of like-minded travelers hike, bike or walk some of the most exciting destinations in the world. My one client chose to venture to Argentina this Spring. In the past she’s gone to New Zealand, Croatia, and Vietnam. There are literally hundreds of choices all over the world.

The active vacation is extremely popular this year for many reasons. It is perfect especially for people who want to go somewhere somewhat exotic but don’t want to go alone, but it is also great because you are actively seeing the destination and your creature comforts are taken care of: your luggage is handled for you as is transportation, sightseeing, fantastic hotels and authentic restaurant choices.

Most people who select these types of trips add on time at the beginning and at the end to explore on their own, making it a unique experience for them.

Get Started Early

If you are interested in traveling in 2022, I suggest getting the process started as soon as you can. Everyone is catching up on their travel and the best options will go first including flights, hotels and tours. Also, prices are fairly high, so be prepared for a bit of sticker shock. In most cases, the earlier you book, the better the price you will get.

Much of the world has opened up. Take advantage of it and create new memories with your family. Make up for that lost time!

About Jeannine Bottorff

Jeannine Bottorff is the owner of Journeys by Jeannine, specializing in custom-designed travel experiences for those who are too busy to plan or want a multi-destination itinerary they can’t create on their own. While specializing in Europe, Jeannine has connections and relationships with travel providers around the world, making just about any destination yours to discover. 

For over 20 years, Jeannine had been an avid traveler who often wondered about a career in travel but didn’t pursue it. That is, until 11 years ago when she quit her corporate job to take care of her elderly parents. During that time, she did much soul searching, and made the decision to follow her passion. In 2013, she became a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, pairing her expertise in events planning with the knowledge she gained through her own travels to create fulfilling travel experiences.

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