Reston Historic Trust & Museum Invites the Community to Share their Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic is a historic event on a scale unlike anything we have seen before. In the years to come, we will look back and try to remember what life was like for the average person. As a community organization, it is the mission of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum to preserve the experiences of the Reston community and we invite everyone to share their stories with us.

Contributions of a donation of digital images or text by tagging us on social media @restonmuseum, emailing, or by submitting on our website of your experiences. We want to preserve experiences of this time for future generations to learn from and for future exhibits of reflection on this time.

Executive Director Alexandra Campbell stated:

“How the Reston community is conducting our daily lives has changed significantly since March. Staff and board have experienced this shift in our own lives, working from home, attending a virtual wedding, and seeing encouraging messages painted on rocks to name a few. We know everyone’s experience is unique and we want to hear how the community has been impacted. We invite the community to contribute to this new digital repository.”

The Reston Historic Trust & Museum ask that all entries are submitted with the understanding that they become the property of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum and that any and all copyrights are transferred to the museum. The display, use, maintenance, and disposition of the property are at the sole discretion of the museum.

About the Reston Historic Trust & Museum

The Reston Historic Trust & Museum (RHT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Reston’s past, informing the present, and influencing the future of Reston. RHT is located at Lake Anne Plaza and is open Monday through Saturday free of charge and conducts educational and public programming, exhibitions, and public events including the Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Regatta, Reston Home Tour, and Founder’s Day. RHT also preserves a collection of archival material and artifacts related to the history of Reston. Programs of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum are supported in part by Reston Community Center.

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