As summer draws to a close, the next best season begins: oyster season. There’s an old pearl of wisdom that says the only time to eat oysters is in months with the letter “R.” For the freshest and best-tasting oysters, this still rings true with September kicking off the occasion. In the warm summer months, the oysters spend their energy spawning, which causes them to become thin and milky. The colder fall and winter months provide for decadent oysters with plenty of flavor.

However, the belief that oysters are only available in season is changing. As a result of rising demand for the delicious bivalves, oysters are now be cultivated all year round.

In our Oyster Directory we’ve fished out the top places to get fresh oysters in the area, both raw and cooked.

Click the slides below to learn more about oysters and where to find them in and around Tysons!

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