Entertaining Beyond COVID-19

Entertaining Beyond COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed our lives in ways unimaginable; Jobs have been lost, school abruptly ended, milestone events postponed or cancelled, longstanding family businesses shutting their doors, depression from social isolation, and far too many precious lives lost. COVID-19 has affected us all in one way or another, and while we will continue to be impacted by this virus for some time to come, we are hopeful and look forward to when we can move past the quarantines, social distancing and loneliness, and be together again. 

For those of you that have had to postpone graduation parties, engagement parties, weddings, etc. we can’t wait to help you celebrate these momentous occasions with your loved ones in style in the future. We feel your losses of the events you’ve spent countless hours dreaming of and planning for and hope that you find solace in the extra time given to perfect the details, as well as excitement in the anticipation, knowing your events will be that much more special. 

As 2020 seems to be at a standstill for so many, it’s hard to believe that it’s nearly summertime and soon enough the holidays will be here again. With Oktoberfest just around the corner, give us a call to help kick off the holiday season with one of Helga’s greatest specialties! Whether you’re hoping to spread holiday cheer throughout the office, or host extended family for a holiday feast, it’s never too early to start planning. 

If you’re a business owner, manager, or family member simply looking to bring some comradery and joy to your people, consider starting to plan future company picnics, team retreats, and family reunions. While securing your event date may be a fluid process right now, you can start to brainstorm locations, activities, themes and menus to spread joy, reconnect, boost morale and celebrate with family and/or friends! 

So many aspects of our lives have been turned upside down in such a short period of time this year. As summer begins to set in, we hope that our societies’ return to “normal” is around the corner. However, if it takes a little longer, given the dynamic nature of “the beast,” we know the time will eventually come to get back to celebrating, and we will be here for you! 

Graduation Parties:  “Hawaiian Luau”

Chef grilling Hawaiian beef kebabs and Mahi-Mahi kebabs with green peppers and pineapple


  • Tropical fruit salad
  • Paella: saffron rice with tomatoes, mussels, shrimp, chicken and baby green peas
  • Pacific Coast cole slaw with fresh cilantro
  • Miniature ginger-laced pancakes with julienne vegetables and soy dip
  • An elaborate bread display with a variety of rolls and Hawaiian bread

Weddings: “Royal Gala”

Hors D’oeuvres 

  • Assorted Sushi
  • Chicken Polynesian with chutney butter
  • Fresh grapes rolled in Chevre with walnuts and chives

Rolls to be passed and wine poured as your guests are seated

First Course: Smoked salmon roll with caviar and pumpernickel

Salad: Baby spinach with sugar-coated almonds and mandarin oranges, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette


  • Chicken Wellington: tender breast of chicken wrapped in puff pastry with duxelle, served with wild mushroom sauce
  • Grilled swordfish marinated with cilantro and lime
  • A colorful medley of julienne vegetables
  • Orzo Florentine

Holiday Parties: “Oktoberfest”

Chef grilling assorted bratwurst with Dijon mustard and rolls


  • Roasted suckling pig accompanied by pulled pork
  • Homemade German potato salad
  • Red cabbage salad with apples and onions
  • Potato pancakes with applesauce

Corporate Functions: “Cocktail Reception”

Hors D’oeuvres:

  • Italian marinated shrimp wrapped with snow peas
  • Spinach and feta triangles, wrapped in phyllo and baked to perfection
  • Cajun duck bites with Creole sauce
  • Red bliss potato baskets filled with sour cream and caviar
  • Belgian endives with smoked salmon mousse
  • A variety of fresh melons wrapped with prosciutto

Raw Bar: Pine Island oysters and Cherrystone clams shucked to order onto giant beds of fresh seaweed with cocktail sauce, lemons and oyster crackers at side

Fruit and cheese: Fresh strawberries flowing onto trays of mounded grapes and an array of domestic and imported cheese and crackers, garnishes with dried dates and figs

Carving Station: Succulent beef tenderloin and boneless pork loin stuffed with plums, served on slices of French bread with condiments of Horseradish sauce, Dijon mustard and mustard caper sauce

Note: We recognize that the current state of the D.C. Metro Area, the United States, and the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic may take a different course than anticipated by the time this issue is published. We value and respect our customers as our own family and hope that, first and foremost, you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy! We look forward to serving you again and helping to make your special events effortless and memorable, whenever that may be. Stay well!

Michael Evans

Michael Evans is chef-owner of Helga’s Caterers, a family-owned, full-service catering company with over 35 years of experience in providing fine food and excellent service for all of your catering needs throughout the D.C. Metro Area.


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