Restonian Invents a Unique Product for Keeping Your Priorities Close

At any given point during the day, you will have various responsibilities and priorities to attend to. Whether it’s picking up your children from guitar practice, going to the gym, or attending an important work presentation, the bustle of everyday life can make it challenging to focus on what’s really important.A local husband and father has created a simple solution for helping you keep your priorities top of mind and close at hand: Wristlists.

Ryan Lonnett, a 14-year Reston resident, is passionate about and dedicated to bringing wellness to his community. After seeing his daughter struggle to stay focused at school and often leave important homework and personal items in the classroom, Ryan sought a natural way to help his child keep track of what’s important. A prototype “Wristlist” was the result, and after seeing great improvement in his daughter’s attention and focus in school, Ryan and his daughter made it their goal to bring about the same change to others in their community. Wristlists™ was born.

The Wristlist is a colorful silicon bracelet that is designed to remind people of their life priorities. While Wristlists are beneficial for helping children with attention-deficit disorders keep track of their belongings and tasks, Wristlists have countless uses for people of all ages and backgrounds. Interchangeable badges and customizable, laser-engraved plates make each bracelet unique to a person’s priorities. A person who wishes to show love and support for a friend suffering from breast cancer may choose a pink ribbon badge for her Wristlist. A professional may select a badge featuring a bicycle that reminds him to reserve time for exercise in his working day. An aspiring writer may engrave his Wristlist’s plate with his favorite literary quote to boost his spirits when he needs inspiration.

Teachers, psychologists, and parents alike have shared the success Wristlists have brought them and/or their loved ones. In a case study conducted by George Mason University researchers in 2015, each test candidate reported an improvement in staying on task and in his or her own overall quality of life after wearing a Wristlist.

Outside of his work with Wristlists, Ryan has an extensive history of promoting health and wellness, both locally and on an expanding national stage. Ryan is the Founder of Empowered Wellness, a company with unique solutions and a track record of delivering sustainable wellness, including best-of-breed school wellness programs and summer camps for kids; online classes for adults; and several originally designed products. Ryan has authored or co-authored three books, including a recipe book for adults and two wellness activity books for “superhuman” kids. He is especially passionate about wellness in our local community and was chosen by Fairfax County to conduct wellness best practice consultations with more than 30 of their schools and their communities. He was a long-time commissioner for the Reston Little League; sits on several community boards and steering committees; frequently delivers presentations in schools, community or corporate assemblies; and occasionally can be heard in the media sharing his unique thoughts and proven best practices.

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