New State-of-the-Art Location for Academy of Christian Education

New facility is approximately 40,000 square feet with 23 classrooms

After 20 years awakening the love for learning in children, from pre-K to fourth grade, Academy Of Christian Education (ACE) has moved its facility to a bigger, more spacious and beautiful building located off of Hunter Mill Road and Sunrise Valley Drive.

“ACE’s new location offers tremendous advantages not only from our [old] facility [on Michael Faraday Drive], but over other schools in the area,” said Mrs. Kemper DeGroot, ACE’s communications coordinator.

The new location features approximately 40,000 square feet of space with 23 classrooms and additional rooms, allowing for future potential growth and community activities, including regular Bible studies and a possible Mommy & Me/Mom’s Morning out pre-K toddler option, among others.

The large assembly room will host physical education classes and offer space to host in-house performances. The school will also have a designated room for technology class, including enough iMacs and iPads for each student to use; an art room; a music room; and a language room.

“The classrooms are very large, and while there is slight variation from room to room, each classroom averages about 800 to 850 square feet,” said Mrs. DeGroot. “The classrooms are airy with large windows, so that students can benefit from lovely, natural light with views of beautiful trees rather than distracting views of cars coming and going. But, the windows are shaded from the outside, so students are not visible from the outside looking in,” she added.

academyofchristian2The new building also has a spacious lunch room, a new, expanded, and enclosed playground, and an easy traffic pattern for student drop-off and pickup.

Mrs. DeGroot said the location is conveniently located, as it sits “in a little cusp between several major roads in Reston, less than a mile radius off of Wielhe, Hunter Mill, South Lakes Drive, and Sunrise Valley.”

“We would love to honor those with whom we’ve worked on the project,” added Mrs. DeGroot. “DBI Architects, for the work they’ve done in creating beautiful classrooms and a wonderful space, and K3 Construction Company, who have been wonderful to work with and who have been so on-point working with Fairfax County and doing the work they’ve been contacted to do, Veatch Commercial Real Estate, who helped us find this incredible facility, and Magellan Group Real Estate Services, who have served as our real estate advocate during the process of design and construction,” she added.

The new ACE building is located at 10800 Parkridge Boulevard, Suite 150, Reston, VA 20191. For more information, visit or call (703) 471-2132.

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