Lady in Red (and Metallic, Animal Print, Leather)

Yesss! Hello yummy months!
The season of feasts, bubbly, glitz and glam.

A red dress is an obvious choice during the holiday season, but which red dress is the question. Of course, if you want to veer away from this classic color and branch out a bit, there’s never been a better time to slip into leather, animal print and metallics (and all things shiny and ornate). Maybe even all of the above worn at once. Or maybe you’re not quite that adventurous, but could be convinced to work these elements in with a coat, shoe or accessory.

If you’re looking for that wow factor red dress, give these a try:

  • Maxi bow back dress; $149

Happy holidays and glamifying with these animal prints:

  • ASOS black and white leopard print dress, $72

And if you’re feeling bold, with a hint of sass, have a strut in items like these:

  • ASOS metallic high neck long sleeved bodycon; $60

Pictured at top:

Photo credit: Pablo Raya @Praya1

Forever21 Flounce Trim Maxi dress by Xtaren $42

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