If It Does Not Grow, Say No: Healthy Food Fun for Kids

Kids and healthy foods tend to mix like oil and water, but when you add fun and adventure?  Suddenly kids are interested in their fruits and vegetables, curious about their health and eating, and even willing to try some healthy foods they usually consider “ewwwww!”

If It Does Not Grow – Just Say No, Eatable Activities for Kids was created by Kerry Wekelo, a local Reston, VA resident, for children of all ages to discover how much fun they can have with fruits and vegetables. All the pictures from the book were taken by her father, Al Wekelo, to bring the food alive.

Kids will be entertained for hours as they draw and write about their favorite foods, learn why fruits and vegetables are so awesome, try easy recipes for fun foods, get brave about trying new fruits and veggies, make food art, and more.  Chances are, they’ll learn that they actually like these foods!

Take, for example, the exercise that challenges kids to try fruit or vegetable they’ve never tried before: the book includes a full-page, color chart for kids to track their experiences—complete with question prompts such as “What did it taste like?” and “What did it feel like when you touched it? Tasted it?”  We all know kids love a challenge!

Healthy eating is not just about what we eat, but how and why we eat it.  This activity book helps teach kids (and grown-ups!) to slow down for mealtimes, to pay more attention to fruits and veggies, and to make conscious choices about their health.  These are lessons that naturally spread into other areas of their lives, making them stronger, healthier, happier kids… who grow into stronger, healthier, happier adults.

Since healthy foods are building blocks for strong kids, Kerry designed soft, colorful “nourishment blocks” to reinforce the activity book message.  Each side of the bright green, red, blue, or yellow blocks has a different activity instruction, such as “Choose a fruit or vegetable. Bend your body into that same shape.”

In our society today, we tend to make food an enemy.  If It Does Not Grow – Just Say No, Eatable Activities for Kids is one way for kids to make healthy food a friend again.  Activities in this gorgeous, brightly-colored book include drawing, writing, cooking, word searches, and other puzzles that help kids learn about and enjoy healthy eating.  Whether they ask a friend to join them, or do activities on their own, kids will have a blast on this food adventure.

Get your fruits and veggies ready; they’re about to become very popular!

To download free sample activities, and learn more, visit the book website at www.doesnotgrowsayno.com.

To purchase the activity books visit Amazon at www.amzn.to/21NoSgK or email Kerry at kerry@zendoway.com for bulk orders.   Consider donating books to a local school or recreation center.

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