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HoneyBaked Ham of Reston

An exceptional team behind an exceptional store

HoneyBakedHam team

Brittany Cook, Larry King and Roxie Curtis

HoneyBaked Ham of Reston is exactly what a small business should be. It is a fundamental part of Reston’s cuisine community and has become a prime commercial destination, particularly during the holidays and in the winter months. Its products are what many families use as a centerpiece for their special occasions and celebrations.

HoneyBaked Ham of Reston is a 100 percent woman- and minority-owned, with Roxie Curtis at the helm.

With a team of seven people, the Reston store has operated under Roxie’s ownership since 2009, and from that date forward customer satisfaction has been the store’s mantra.

Under Roxie’s management, HoneyBaked of Reston has a net worth that positions the Reston location among the top franchises in the national HoneyBaked Ham Companies. The Reston location has also been honored as the “HoneyBaked Ham Franchise Sales Leader,” “Franchise of the Year,” and with the “HBH Excellence in Product Quality Award.”

Roxie Curtis, who has been in the ham business for more than 20 years, personifies what makes an exceptional leader. She is constantly strengthening her and her staff’s business acumen and preparing to reach new and higher levels every day. She makes motivation to do better a daily covenant.

Brittany Cook is the store manager and has been with HoneyBaked Ham of Reston since 2012. She has been a mentee, receiving tutelage from Roxie since she was very young.  HoneyBaked is a family store, and Brittany is an example of “growing up in the family.”

Brittany grew up in Northern Virginia, and attended Park View High School and James Madison University.  She has a Master’s degree in elementary education. She is also active with the Susan G. Komen  Breast Cancer Foundation, the most widely known, largest, and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. She participates in the education, research, advocacy, health services, and social support programs.

Brittany oversees the daily operation of the different departments of the business, and she loves the company.

HoneyBaked Ham with SidesLarry King is the corporate sales and catering manager for Reston HoneyBaked.  He is probably the most visible person of HoneyBaked to the Reston community. Larry is an “out of retirement” associate who loves the public and loves to market the HoneyBaked product.  When you speak to him about catering, it’s like talking to a male version of “Auntie Mame” talking about “glorious foods” (like in the movie “Auntie Mame”,) and in that regard, the possibilities are endless! He is a retired restaurateur, caterer, and a constantly active fundraiser for civic and charitable causes. He has a Master’s degree in business and hopes to encourage personal esteem and collaborative community support with every person he talks to. This type of energy and enthusiasm translates the HoneyBaked of Reston’s business character and philosophy to the community.

With these three professionals at the helm, it is no wonder that HoneyBaked Ham of Reston marks every occasion with the taste of quality and perfection.

For more information about HoneyBaked Ham of Reston, please visit www.myhoneybakedstore.com/reston.

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